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Episode Recap: Extraterrestrial Enterprise

The artists boldly go where Face Off has never gone before with a Star Trek-inspired challenge.


Everybody knows that if you want to get at the really good aliens, you have to travel back in time ... which is why McKenzie brings in a time machine for this week's Foundation Challenge to create a retro-style alien, a la Lost in Space, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and the original Star Trek. Of course she doesn't mention the time machine in the episode, and we don't get to see it, but it's there. Oh, it's there.

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Guest judging this particular challenge is Mr. Alien (a nickname Mr. Westmore thought he shook –- until now!). He likes Evan's makeup best, and the two get all giggly over it until McKenzie shuts them down with a withering scowl. (Again, none of this is seen in the episode, but trust us, it happened.) She can't erase Evan's joy at being named Best Alien by Mr. Alien, though. Nothing can take that away! Meanwhile, Ben wants to barf at the sight of his makeup, but at least this one is over and done with and he can leave this nightmarish moment behind him.

OR CAN HE? He can't, it's a nightmare that will haunt him forever! But more concretely, the Spotlight Challenge will be to take the Foundation makeups and reboot them in a modern form, so he can't run from what he just created. Coming in to announce the details are Ve and Neville, who have both updated the iconic Klingon design to reflect a new time: Mr. Westmore did the first design for the original Star Trek series; Ve helped update the look for Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979); and Neville laid his hand to it for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness (2013). These three legends give advice and guidance to the neophytes as they rework their work. With Neville's wisdom, Ben might be able to bring his alien back from the brink of total failure and lifelong regret. Maybe.

This awesome tutelage is followed the next day by none other than Number One, aka Commander Riker, aka Jonathan Frakes (but only his mom calls him that). Scott, who morphs before our eyes from manly makeup artist to adorable fanboy, tells Riker the updates he's making for his "next generation" of alien, and Riker gives him a commanderly nod of approval for working in that line. AND THEN when the artists show up on the reveal stage, who should join the judges but an official Klingon: Worf himself, Michael Dorn. As if it had a mind of its own, Scott's hand raises and flashes the "Live Long and Prosper" Vulcan sign -– he just can't help it!

All of this excitement makes Scott turn all pink like a turnip, but when his immaculately designed makeup is chosen as a Top Look, it's almost too much goodness all at once. Stevie, who thought her work was all right but not awesome, gets another lesson in confidence when the judges laud her paint job, concept and strong design skills. Ben knocks them all over with a feather, though, when his ugly-duckling, orange-and-green confusion from the Foundation Challenge takes off its reading glasses, shakes out its hair, and steps forward a beautiful, pale orange swan with green membranes that filter out greenhouse gasses. The pockmarks in the delicately sculpted skin give it a modern feel, and the backstory is absolutely au courant. They lay the sash and tiara on him and hand him the bouquet of roses (again, not seen in the episode, but it totally happened).

Jordan, who earned big points with his fabrication skills last week, tries to repeat that magic this week. Big mistake. Huge. Bottom Looks huge. Jasmine makes a big mistake, also, in laying cones all over the face and cowl in a way that makes little to no anatomical sense (you know how the judges are sticklers for anatomy). Bottom Looks for her! Jason also committed crimes against anatomy and goes before the tribunal, but his added sins of poor application and concept are reason enough to send him home. He had a good run, and everybody knows he's got it in him to succeed –- now on to the next peak!