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Episode Recap: Frightful Fiction

The artists must create a mashup character from famous works of genre literature.


Oh hi! We weren't sure we'd see you this week, we thought you might've died of suspense from not knowing who was going home at the end of the last episode. As some of you surely guessed, and others of you were dead wrong about (haha, suckers, you owe us five bucks!), it was Missy Munster. She's understandably sad but still dedicated to makeup as her life's work and proud to have been on this show in the first place! Quite an accomplishment, Miss Missy.

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The rest of the artists will continue to lose hair and get wrinkles from the stress of the competition for an untold amount of time (but no more than ten future episodes (unless they do another “Champions” or “Veterans” season). One such wrinkly moment is when McKenzie tells them that they won't have a Foundation Challenge or a Spotlight Challenge – in this case, it's mostly eyebrows wrinkling together, going, “But what the funk are we gonna do, then?” The answer: a Focus Challenge. For their first solo challenge of the season, they'll have only two days instead of three to focus on the most important aspect of any character: the face. Choosing one of the mashup titles of horror and classic literature (a la Pride and Prejudice and Zombies), they'll take all the creativity they have and focus it into that little space on the skull.

Jason, who chose The Scarlet Letter: Puritan Poltergeist, hits a creative wall when sculpting his demon-child, Pearl. He takes a break and comes back to it with fresh eyes, but bringing "demon" and "innocent" together is a challenge that he's not quite up to and he finds himself on Bottom Looks. He's not the only one who bit off more than he could chew -- Brittany went for an old-age makeup WITH A BURN for her Miss Haversham character from Great Expectations of a Serial Killer. Mr. Westmore tries to warn her it's too much (come on, girl – old age AND A BURN?), and Glenn and Ve have both done burn and old age sooooo many times, but she's committed to her vision. Unfortunately, she lands in the bottom as well. Finally, Meg, whose sculpt for Ghostly Hester Prynne isn't helped by a muddy purple paint job, is the third Bottom Look ... but Brittany goes home because it's an old age AND A BURN. We love you, girl. Stay your upbeat self.

Pleasantly surprised to find herself in Top Looks is Stevie, who didn't have much confidence about her paint job for her Monster of La Mancha, a dragon-human hybrid with excellent scale detailing and a multidimensional color scheme. The only scolding she gets from the judges -- who, by the way, are joined this week by Master Scolder Lois Burwell, OBE* -- is to be more confident. Tricky! See how they did that? They also love Jasmine's shapes, sculpt and paint for her dynamic, stylized vampire from Sherlock Holmes: Bloodsucker, but it's Scott’s take on Sancho Panza as a Frankenstein monster with stitched-together faces from various victims that best fits this challenge and wins the week. Highlights include the masterfully sculpted drooping eyelid, subtly shaded skin tones and overall design prowess. Well done!

*Lois Burwell is not actually a knight.