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Episode Recap: Siren Song

The artists created a unique Siren creature from Greek mythology using a marine animal as inspiration.


Ah, the scent of the salt sea air, the majesty of the waves, the sound of the landlubbers tossing their cookies overboard. Being aboard the Coast Guard vessel George Cobb gives the artists a sense of what life must have been like for Odysseus and his crew when they sailed past the island of the sirens ... minus the wax in the ears or being tied to the mast. Plus the fact that, instead of trying to get home to their wives, the contestants will work in teams of two and use a deadly sea animal as inspiration to create a beautiful yet deadly sea siren of their own. Positively mythic.

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Meg and Kevon's concept for the Textile Cone Snail is a musician who emits pheromones, a direction that really turns them on. Unfortunately, they have to scrap most of it after Mr. Westmore gives his counsel. Meg has a mini-meltdown when she realizes she has to scrape away half of her face sculpt, but once she gets to scrapin', she feels much better and sees that the new direction is the right one. Life lessons, y'all!

Nora and Brittany are overflowing with ideas and loving working together on their Flavellina Nudibranch. Want to know what that is? Don't ask them; they chose the animal specifically because they had never heard of it before. Your time on Face Off is your time to get cray! (But not crayfish.) Mr. Westmore advises them to add more appendages to the chest piece to more closely reflect the Nudibranch shape. When it comes to judging time, Neville loves this aspect almost as much as Ve loves the hair glowing with e-wire and the truly beautiful color scheme; they're in Top Looks along with Meg and Kevon, though the latter team wins the challenge. For her delicate fluted face piece, Meg wins the week and is heartily encouraged as she traverses this monster of a season!

Missy and Libby are not feeling the love on their Striped Surgeonfish and their miscommunicated visions result in a muddy paint job for the cowl and a place on Bottom Looks. Sweating alongside them are Sidney and Omar, whose Portuguese Man O’ War princess looks nothing like the inspiration and contains a tiny amount of work compared to the other groups (nothin' but a cowl and a staff). The pressure is twice as strong this week after they hear McKenzie announce that two contestants are going home!

Because of his faint vision and negligible contribution to the makeup (Glenn's words, not ours!), Sidney is the first to go home. He wishes he could've made it further but recognizes that the talent pool this season is crazy deep and feels grateful for what he has. As the remaining three bottom-lookers are calculating their odds, they hear Glenn call Omar's name; the small amount of work and the illogical shapes on the cowl he sculpted didn't stack up to Libby and Missy's siren. He, too, is grateful for his time on Face Off yet feels he had much more to show. We wish we could've seen it, Omar! And maybe we will some day.