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Our Top Looks: Season 9, Episode 5

The Safe looks are Tops in our book as the artists create companion gatekeeper/prisoner characters.

By Bryan Enk

After last week's solo Focus Challenge, the artists once again paired up to create not one but two characters: the noble Gatekeeper that guards the entrance to an alternate dimension ... and the terrifying beast on the other side.

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As always, the judges dispensed their judgment. Us? We were all about the Safe Looks on this one.

Season 9, Episode 5: "The Gatekeepers"

Top Looks (Judges):
Ben & Jordan (Top Team; Winner: Jordan)
Nora & Jasmine

Our Top Looks:

  1. Scott & Kevon (Safe)

    Missing media item.

    Whoa! This sexy Gatekeeper and truly frightening Beast made the strongest impression for us, by far. We love the use of the color red (so much red!) throughout, and their matching horns are a brilliant touch; we imagine she's wearing the horns of one of her prisoner's slain kin, and that makes him all the more angry. No way is he ever getting out for good behavior.
  2. Evan & Stevie (Safe)


    We love the sci-fi vibe of this one, especially their matching forehead pieces and the prisoner's hand shackles. We wonder what this creep was locked up for? Intergalactic smuggling, no doubt ... or hyperdriving without a license.

Next Week: Beam up for an Extraterrestrial Enterprise!