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Our Top Looks: Season 9, Episode 8

Witches and Warlocks and Angels and Goblins, oh my!

By Bryan Enk

Well, that was exhausting. A high-speed three-stage challenge, ending with creating not one but three makeups from one of three categories: Witches & Warlocks, Angels and Goblins.

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Let's compare just the Stage 3 looks, 'cause the thought of doing all three sends our heads a'spinnin' all over again.

Season 9, Episode 8: "The Gauntlet"

Stage 3 Top Looks (Judges):
Nora (Goblins)
Stevie (Goblins)
Evan (Angels; Stage 3 Winner)

Our Stage 3 Top Looks:

  1. Evan (Angels)


    Some especially heavenly work from Evan, and a major comeback after being rock bottom in Stage 2. We hope the lady angel eventually escapes from her villainous captors.
  2. Nora (Goblins)


    "I was inspired by Legend" (the Ridley Scott movie, not the double-trouble Tom Hardy movie) are some magic words for us. Love these old-school goblins.
  3. Jordan (Witches & Warlocks)


    Sure, they're a little rough, but this witchy trio has us counting the days 'til Halloween. Toil and trouble for the win!

'kay. We're gonna go sleep for a week now.

Next week, prepare ye for the coming of the Four Horsemen.