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The Faces of Face Off: Season 9, Episode 10

Who can forget the faces of a Freak Show? Step right up!

By Bryan Enk

Who can forget the faces of a Freak Show?

How to Watch

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Step right up as the artists go behind the curtain to create their very own curious attractions, from Larry the Lobster (see above) to The Human Peacock to The Elephant Lady.

  1. Oh, and Twisted Tom. That's this guy. So unsettling!


  2. Scott made him. This is Scott, right after he won the Foundation Challenge that granted him the immunity to do whatever the heck he wanted with Twisted Tom.


  3. Hey, what's a circus without cotton candy? Jordan went on a sugar high and thought his sculpture was a big ol' heap of it.


  4. Yeah, Nora knew what was up. But did she stop him? Nah. Fun!


  5. Meanwhile, Evan tried to turn himself into a circus freak, "Eyeless Evan." Luckily, his colleagues stopped him in time to save his peepers.


  6. "Ha!" cried Neville. "And again I say 'Ha!'" 


  7. Finally, we'll miss Meg something fierce -- she was eliminated in this episode for her too simian-ish Inside-Out Oscar.


  8. This is Inside-Out Oscar. It's Meg's final gift. We'll take it.


See you next week for Season 9, Episode 11: "Beyond The Expanse."