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The Faces of Face Off: Season 9, Episode 2

Strange things were afoot as the artists heeded the "Siren Song."

By Bryan Enk

Welcome back to The Faces of Face Off, where we review every single frame of Face Off to find the most memorable and amusing ... well, faces of the evening.

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The second episode of Season Nine, "Siren Song," had the artists creating their own beautiful but deadly Siren inspired by a beautiful but deadly real-life sea creature.

  1. Day One started out on a Coast Guard vessel, where seasickness and super-loud horns pushed everyone to their physical limits.


  2. The discomfort continued on dry land, too, apparently.


  3. Back in the lab, Meg seemed privy to Mr. Westmore casting a magic spell on the artists ...


  4. ... which prompty caused her to ... well, we're not sure what's going on here. Something involving a demon, probably.


  5. Meanwhile, Sidney tried out his Blue Steel look ...


  6. ... and Evan & Jason lost the power of speech, though their Charades skills came in handy when they had to communicate with others. We think they're trying to describe space aliens with criss-crossed head antennas. No?


  7. Mr. Westmore's strange magic eventually wore off, and the artists powered through another Spotlight Challenge.


See you next week for Season 9, Episode 3, the 100th episode of Face Off!