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The Faces of Face Off: Season 9, Episode 6

When two Star Trek alums show up, faces get funny.

By Bryan Enk

Welcome back to The Faces of Face Off. You know the drill!

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Season 9, Episode 6: "Extraterrestrial Enterprise" showed us that when not one but two Star Trek alums show up in the land of Face Off, faces get funny.

  1. Here's Jasmine reacting to Commander Riker himself, Jonathan Frakes, making a surprise appearance as he accompanies Mr. Westmore on his rounds.


  2. Not surprisingly, Jason was pretty excited to see Number One, too.


  3. Stevie got a little nervous and commenced with a staring contest with her mold. The mold won (it always does!).


  4. This guy's like, "Whatever. I'm an alien!"


  5. Everyone's favorite Klingon, Worf himself (Michael Dorn), joined the judges on the reveal stage. He found it all mildly amusing, as Worf himself would have.


  6. Meanwhile, Ben ran the gamut of emotions in this episode. Here he is post-Foundation Challenge after having described his work on a retro alien as "a turd" ...


  7. ... and here he is after his rebooted alien took the reveal stage. That smile got even bigger when he was crowed the winner of the Spotlight Challenge! (Not bad for a "polished turd," no?)


See you next week for Season 9, Episode 7: "All That Glitters."