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Episode Recap: Fear of a Bot Planet

Fry and Lela find themselves trapped on a planet ruled by human-hating robots.


Bender, Lela, Fray and Farnsworth travel to Madison Cube Garden, where
they take in a game of blernsball (a jazzed-up version of baseball).
Bender notes that humans are so afraid of robots, they have forbidden
them from participating in the game and have relegated his mechanical
brethren to maintenance positions on the field. The conversation is
interrupted when Farnsworth receives a holographic communication from
Hermes, who instructs the staff to return to the office immediately.
Later, Farnsworth tells his staff that they will be making a delivery to
Chapek Nine, a planet ruled by robots…and where humans are killed on
sight. As a result, it is decided that Bender will make the actual
delivery. At first, Bender protests, noting the mission will conflict
with the holiest two weeks on the robot calendar, Robanukah. But Hermes
counters that Bender used up his time-off when he suffered a bout of
roberculosis. Bender eventually relents and agrees to make the delivery.
When the Planet Express spacecraft lands on Chapek Nine, the crew lowers
Bender onto the surface. But later, Bender contacts the ship, warning
that the robots have discovered that he works side-by-side with humans.
As a result, he is arrested as a human sympathizer and taken prisoner.

Lela and Fry decide to rescue their mechanical colleague even through
they will be hopelessly outnumbered once they step foot onto the
planet's surface. Lela believes that if they don metallic costumes and
act like robots, they might stand a chance of locating Bender. They soon
put their acting skills to the test and successfully fool two robot
guards. Later, the pair are approached by a young robot, whose exhaust
causes Lela to sneeze. An anti-human patrol arrives at the scene. Lela
and Fry escape and make their way to a movie theater screening a 3-D
film. Afterward, a trumpet sounds over the theater's loudspeakers,
signaling the beginning of the daily human hunt. A crowd gathers in town
square, where the mayor introduces a guest with an irrational hatred for
humans. That "guest" turns out to be Bender.

The human hunt gets underway. During the excursion, Bender happens upon
an adult bookstore. When he slips inside to check out the circuit
manuals, Fry and Lela confront him. Bender explains that he told his
captors that he killed billions of humans, thereby winning his release
from prison. Unfortunately, Bender is disinterested in returning to
Earth, as he feels much more at home on the all-robot planet. Fry says
his final good-byes, but before he and Lela have a chance to board the
ship, they are taken prisoner. The pair are taken to the Hall of
Justice, where they are placed on trial. A robot judge rules that Fry
and Lela are to spend the rest of their lives on the planet, where they
will perform tedious tasks…much the same way robots live on Earth. A
trap door suddenly opens, sending Fry and Lela plummeting into a
darkened room. Fry and Lela stand before robot elders, who sentence them
to death. When Fry protests that they were already tried and sentenced
by the judge, the elder explains that the entire process is a "show for
the public." The elders order Bender to carry out the execution. Bender
raises a killing device…but then throws it down. He tells the elders
that humans are completely harmless. The elders agree, but point out
that humans make useful scapegoats and distract the public from their
real problems, such as a crippling lug nut shortage. The elders then
decide that the threesome know too much and aim their weapons. Thinking
quickly, Fry threatens to breathe fire on the elders. During the
confusion, Fry, Lela and Bender make their escape. As the winch carries
them up into the spaceship, a group of robots use their bodies to build
a pyramid in an effort to capture them. At the last moment, Bender
tosses the package onto the pyramid, causing the robots to topple to the
ground. The package bursts open…and lug nuts fly out. Robots rejoice at
the sight of the precious lug nuts…and cheer the humans.