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Episode Recap: Hell Is Other Robots

Bender seeks religion after becoming addicted to electricity.


Bender brings Fry and Leela to a Beastie Boys concert at Madison Cube Garden. Bender tells his friends that his ex-girlfriend arranged getting the tickets. The ex-girlfriend, it turns out, is an onstage amplifier. When Bender adjusts her treble knob, the amp speaks in a deep male voice, much to Bender's horror. After the Beastie Boy's heads perform, Bender and Amp make their way to a smoky, backstage area. There, Amp convinces Bender to "jack on" to a hookah device, which causes electricity to surge through their circuits. Bender experiences psychedelic hallucinations, and soon finds himself hooked on the current. While piloting the Planet Express ship through space, Leela notices an electrical disturbance in the Van Allen Belt. Leela steers the rocket away from the energy, but Bender, sensing an opportunity for the ultimate high, climbs out onto the ship's hull and bends the
thruster, veering the ship into the storm. Bender is struck by a tremendous blast of lightning, which welds his legs onto the hull. When the Planet Express ship returns to the hanger, Bender is given new legs. Later, Bender notices a large neon sign trumpeting the Temple of Robotology. Bender plugs himself into the sign, receiving another high. His attention is drawn to a skylight, from which he observes a robot
preacher addressing his congregation. Bender loses his balance and
crashes through the skylight.

When Bender returns to the Planet Express office, he sports a new, positive outlook on life, and has embraced fasting and repentance. His new attitude grates on his fellow staffers' nerves. The group takes Bender on a trip to Atlantic City, where they chip away at his resolve to enjoy an evening of fasting and repentance. Bender ends up on stage dancing with robot strippers, holding liquor bottles in his hand. Having
returned to his old self, Bender tears off his Robotology symbol and tosses it away. The symbol begins flashing red. That night, a robot devil kidnaps Bender by knocking him on the head. When Bender regains consciousness, he finds himself in a vast cavern filled with smoke, flames and demon robots. The Robot Devil welcomes him to Robot Hell.

With some help from Nibbler, Leela and Fry set about tracking down their missing colleague. Meanwhile, the Robot Devil reminds Bender of his promise when he joined Robotology: if a member sins, it goes to Robot Hell for all eternity. Eventually, Nibbler leads Leela and Fry to an bandoned amusement park. Inside is an old, dilapidated Inferno ride, which sports a symbol of the Temple of Robotology. Fry touches the
symbol, causing a mirror to slide open, revealing Robot Hell. Suddenly, a trap door opens, and Leela and Fry plummet down a spiral slide. Meanwhile, the Robot Devil punishes Bender by breaking into song, dunking him into boiling grease and subjecting him to various other forms of torture. Eventually, Fry and Leela plummet into the scene, landing right next to the Devil Robot. The Devil Robot offers the pair
the chance to beat him in a fiddle contest. If they win, they also win back Bender's soul. The Devil plays an incredibly fast number, causing Fry and Leela to grow worried. Leela takes the gold fiddle and draws the bow across it, producing a terrible screeching sound. Holding the heavy instrument like a baseball bat, she proceeds to pummel the Robot Devil, with little success. A monstrous metallic butterfly descends upon Leela and Fry. Bender grabs hold of the beast, tears off its wings, and places
them on his own back. He then grabs hold of Leela and Bender and floats them to safety.