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Episode Recap: I, Roommate

Fry and Bender become a futuristic odd couple when they attempt to share an apartment.


The ship's computer alerts the crew of an impending attack by two pirate
ships. Hermes protests when Leela orders a missile strike, as an
avalanche of paperwork must first be filed. Fearing the imminent danger,
Leela nonetheless orders Bender to open fire. The enemy ships explode.
Later, Fry awakens in the conference room, which he has been using as
his temporary quarters. The staff does its best to work around Fry as he
goes through his morning routine of eating breakfast and showering.
Eventually, however, the situation becomes impossible, and the staff
addresses the Professor about the problem. At first, the Professor
dismisses their concerns. But when he discovers that Fry mistook the
remains of an ancient mummy for beef jerky, he quickly changes his mind
and announces that Fry must find his own living quarters. Leela and
Bender approach Fry to discuss the problem. Unfortunately, Fry is in the
middle of watching his favorite soap opera, All My Circuits. As it turns
out, Bender is also a fan of the show. Fry clears away a pile of debris
from the couch and offers Bender a seat. Leela never finds an
opportunity to voice the staff's concerns. It soon becomes apparent that
Fry and Bender make excellent companions and perfect "couch potatoes."
When the staff grows even more upset with the situation, the Professor
opts for "psychological abuse." But making excessive amounts of noise
fails to drive Fry from his domain. Eventually, the staff manages to
gain Fry's attention, and he is asked to leave. Bender brightens Fry's
mood by offers him the opportunity to share his apartment. But shortly
thereafter, Fry realizes that Bender lives in an "apartment" no bigger
than a small closet.

Despite the shortage of space, Fry sinks down to the floor and attempts
to make himself comfortable. The next morning, he arrives for work with
a contorted head and back. Leela suggests that he and Bender make an
effort to find a larger space. The threesome set out to look at new
apartments, which include one located underwater, another featuring
multiple staircases at bizarre angles, and another located in New
Jersey. All are deemed unacceptable. Later, the Professor tips the
threesome about the tragic death of his friend, Dr. Mbutu. Fry, Bender
and Leela schedule an appointment to view Mbutu's apartment, which is
filled with objects collected from various parts of the universe and
includes a giant television screen. Fry and Bender decide to move in. A
short time later, they hold a housewarming party. As the guests arrive,
they gather around the television to watch the latest episode of All My
Circuits. It soon becomes apparent, however, that whenever Bender is in
the apartment, he somehow interferes with the satellite reception and
causes the picture to grow fuzzy and fill with static. The building's
elderly superintendent, Hattie, uses a device to pinpoint the source of
the interference. The machine zeroes in on Bender's antenna. Bender
grows angered at the accusation. He tells Fry that they will find
another apartment in which to live. But Fry suggests that Bender find an
apartment of his own. The robot takes the rejection hard.

Leela tells Fry that he hurt Bender's feelings. At first, Fry dismisses
the idea. But when Bender shows up for work sporting beard-like rust on
his face and oil stains under his arm, Leela realizes that he gave up
drinking. Leela pleads with him to take a different course of action,
suggesting that he consider having his antenna removed. Bender rejects
the idea outright. A short time later, a "blind stinking sober" Bender
shows up at Fry's apartment. He pulls a pair of hedge clippers from his
chest compartment and threatens to chop off his antenna. Leela begs him
to reconsider, labeling the act "self-mutilation." But Bender gathers
the resolve and makes the cut. He then tosses the offending appendage
out a window. After watching a snippet of All My Circuits, Leela states
that Fry and Bender could learn a thing or two from the characters on
the show. With that, Bender apologizes for treating Fry so badly; Fry,
in turn, accepts his apology. Leela remarks that they apologized in
reverse. Bender realizes he will have to get used to the idea of being
"half a robot." But police find his missing antenna, and later, the unit
is reattached. Fry then relocates back to Bender's apartment…where he
discovers that the robot's "closet" is a very large room with a bay