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Episode Recap: My Three Suns

Fry finds himself the ruler of an alien world after he accidentally consumes the planet's emperor.


Inside the Planet Express lounge, Bender watches Essence of Elzar, a
cooking program featuring an alien dressed in a chef's hat and apron.
Hermes calls Bender aside and warns him that he must do something other
than watch television if he plans to keep his job. Bender decides to
become the ship's cook. He and his co-workers take a trip to Little
Neptune, a rundown neighborhood filled with shops that specialize in
exotic gourmet ingredients. Leela warns Fry to be extra cautious in this
strange part of town. Fry assures her that he can take care of himself.
A short time later, however, Fry strikes up a conversation with a shady
character who deals in human organs. He lays down on a makeshift
operating table so the shady guy can remove his lungs. At the last
moment, Leela comes to the rescue. She employs karate moves to defeat
the shady guy and his assistant. Later, the Professor assigns the crew
to make a delivery to the planet Trisol, a mysterious world in the heart
of the Forbidden Zone. As the crew makes its journey, Bender prepares
his first dish: boiled slug. Unfortunately, Bender uses too much salt,
and the slug shrivels up until it is the size of a worm. All the extra
salt makes Fry incredibly thirsty. As he carries the package across
Trisol's desert surface, he grows even thirstier. The presence of three
suns makes matters even worse. When Fry arrives at his destination-a
palace in the middle of the desert-he notices a bottle of blue liquid on
the armrest of a throne. Fry pops open the bottle and gulps down the
contents. Palace guards realize that Fry consumed their emperor.

The guards proclaim that Fry assassinated their leader. They hail Fry as
their new emperor. Fry dons a crown and takes his place on the throne.
Soon after, he appoints Bender as prime minister. Leela finds it odd
that a 25-year-old delivery boy killed an emperor and ended up being
rewarded instead of punished. A high priest alerts Fry about his
upcoming coronation ceremony. Later, Leela escorts Fry to a portrait
gallery. She points out that the average length of an emperor's reign is
one week. Every emperor ascended to the throne via assassination. She
warns Fry that he is in great danger. Fry, however, remains oblivious.
Using crib notes, Fry manages to recite the entire royal oath without
making a mistake. Incredulous, Leela gives up and makes her way back to
the spaceship. As the planet's three suns set on the horizon, the crowd
gathered before Fry undergoes a transformation, and their faces glow
with a blue light. An eerie blue light also emanates from Fry's
stomach…and in that light is the face of Emperor Bont. Bont commands
that he be drained out of Fry's body.

Fry and his colleagues flee the angry mob and take refuge inside the
palace. The high priest declares that Fry must die so that Bont may
live. Amy suggests that Fry weep, thereby purging his body of Bont via
his tears. The suggestion causes Fry to grow upbeat…making it impossible
for him to cry. Bender videophones Leela for help. A short time later,
Leela kickboxes her way through the Trisolians. Bender looks out the
window and gives Fry a fictitious play-by-play, making it seem as if
Leela is losing the battle. As Fry grows emotional, Bender announces
that Leela has been killed. Fry's lip quivers. A single blue tear runs
down his cheek. As a second tear forms, Leela makes her way into the
room. Fry wipes away the tear and smiles. As blue liquid begins seeping
through the door, Leela tells Fry that she can get them out of danger…if
he is willing to let her help. Fry pledges he will do so. With that,
Leela stomps on his foot, then slaps him. The pain causes Fry to cry.
Amy holds up the bottle and collects the tears. As time passes, the
others take their turn beating Fry. Eventually, Bont reforms outside of
Fry's body… and he, too, gives Fry a brutal beating.