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Episode Recap: A Bicyclops Built for Two

Leela finally encounters another member of her race, a handsome male. But when he turns out to be a jerk, she fears that leaving him will mean her species’ extinction. 


The Professor announces to his staff that his AOL connection, placed several years earlier, finally went through. The staff dons virtual reality Net suits, which allows them, in the form of two-dimensional versions of themselves, to enter the cyber universe of the Internet. After being physically attacked by annoying banner ads, the group makes its way to adult chat rooms in a pornography district, where several Internet guys hit on Leela and Amy. Leela scares them off, and a short time later, the gang flies away from the red light district and land in a coliseum-like structure that houses a video game, where Fry and the others have fun blasting at each other.

While attempting to avoid Fry’s expert marksmanship, Leela encounters Alkazar, a tall, handsome male Cyclops. Alkazar explains that he saw Leela in the chat room, but she left before he had a chance to speak to her. Unfortunately, Fry blasts Alkazar’s image to oblivion, ruining Leela’s chances of finding out who she is. The staff exits the virtual reality world and continues its mission: the delivery of popcorn to the people of Cineplex 14.

Shortly thereafter, Leela receives an email message from Alkazar, who managed to jot down her screen name before he was gunned down. Alkazar sends Leela the coordinates for the planet of her birth. Leela quickly jettisons the shipment of popcorn and heads the spaceship for her home planet.

The spaceship lands on the planet Cyclopia near a fabulous ruined city. Amongst the artifacts is the statue of a one-eyed king. Alkazar approaches and escorts Leela to his nearby carriage, which is pulled by giant monitor lizards. An annoyed Fry and Bender are forced to walk behind the carriage as it makes its way through the city. Alkazar explains that he and Leela are the last of the Cyclopes. The foursome make their way to Alkazar’s castle, where Alkazar explains that Cyclopia was attacked and destroyed by eyeless mole people living on another planet.

As missiles fell from the sky, the planet’s smartest scientist managed to save one baby, who was rocketed into outer space in a pod. Leela realizes that she was that baby. Alkazar explains that he survived the attack because he was cleaning a swimming pool at the time. He then points out that their race needn’t fade away, as he is male and Leela is female. The pair sleep together, and the next morning, Alkazar’s true nature—that of a jerk—surfaces. Fry suspects that Alkazar is hiding something and sets off to the Forbidden Valley. Unfortunately, he falls through a trap door and lands in Alkazar’s dungeon.

Later, inside the castle,Leela meets Alkazar’s low-life friends—a pig-like alien, a rat-like alien and the rat’s girlfriend. Leela takes Fry some food and inquires about his mission in the Forbidden Valley. Fry tells her he is convinced Alkazar is a jerk. Leela agrees with this assessment, but is afraid to leave him, as it will mean the end of her race.

Later, Alkazar proposes to Leela…and she accepts. The Professor, Zoidberg and the others, dressed in formal wear, land on the planet to attend the wedding. Meanwhile, Fry escapes from the dungeon and enlists Bender’s help in penetrating the Forbidden Valley. The pair ride off on giant lizards and cross into the valley, where they discover four castles, each identical to Alkazar’s. They then discover a statue of a king on a horse, Identical to the one seen earlier…only the king has five eyes.

The pair race back to the castle and interrupt the wedding ceremony just as Leela is about to say, "I do." They bring with them a five-eyed woman, a rhino-like alien and two other female aliens, all clad in wedding dresses. Alkazar morphs into a creature with five-eyes and attempts to explain to the five-eyed alien what’s going on. He then morphs again, addressing the other brides, but it becomes apparent that he left each at the altar and moved onto to other conquests. The women beat him.

Eventually, Alkazar morphs into his true form, that of a balding, paunchy, cricket-like alien. He explains how he gave all of the women everything they wanted…and made a few dollars on the side by posting nude pictures of them on the Internet. He then scheduled all five weddings on the same day so he wouldn’t have to rent five different tuxedos.

As the crew flies back to earth, Leela thanks Fry for saving her.