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Episode Recap: A Flight to Remember

As the Planet Express team vacations aboard the starship Titanic, the vessel falls victim to the gravitational pull of a black hole.


Fry and his colleagues return from a particularly difficult delivery.
Bender announces that everyone intends to quit. The Professor, however,
cheers the group by announcing a company vacation aboard the maiden
voyage of the most luxurious spaceship ever constructed—the Titanic. As
the Planet Express team boards the vessel, Leela reacts with horror when
she realizes the captain is none other than Zapp Brannigan (a lecherous
man with whom she once slept). When Brannigan "puts the moves" on Leela,
she announces that she now has a fiancé: Fry. A short time later, the
group makes its way through the vessel's sumptuous hallway. Though the
Professor; Hermes and his wife, LaBarbara; and Dr. Zoidberg all enjoy
first class accommodations, Leela, Fry, Bender and Amy share a tiny room
on the ship's lowest deck. Bender makes his way to the casino, where he
befriends a fellow robot, the Countess de la Roca. Meanwhile, Amy bumps
into her parents, Leo and Inez Wong. Though the Wongs had intended to
enjoy their vacation, they decide to play cupid and find their daughter
a boyfriend. Amy announces that she already has a significant other:

Bender accompanies the Countess to her quarters. When the Countess
leaves the room momentarily to freshen up, Bender quickly performs some
ransacking. He comes across a bracelet decorated with an enormous blue
diamond. He begins to place it inside his chest compartment…only to
realize he cannot steal it. Later, Bender tells a bartender, Isaac, that
he was unable to commit the theft. Isaac tells him the reason is
obvious: he is in love. Bender realizes this is true. Moments later,
Bender leaves the bar without paying his tab. Isaac calls security, and
two large securitybots descend upon Bender. The Countess witnesses this
and demands an explanation. When she realizes Bender is penniless, she
pays for the drinks herself. Meanwhile, near the pool area, Hermes and
LaBarbara watch as people limbo under a bar. LaBarbara encourages her
husband to participate, but Hermes, a once-great limbo champion, has
suffered from guilt ever since a youngster injured himself while
attempting to imitate him. Meanwhile, the relationship between Bender
and the Countess blossoms. As everyone gathers in the banquet hall,
Leela and Amy react with alarm when they see one another. Mr.Wong
insists that Fry kiss Amy in front of Brannigan. Luckily, an emergency
calls Brannigan away from the table. When Brannigan arrives on the
bridge, he veers the vessel away from a swarm of comets and heads
towards a black hole. Meanwhile, Fry catches up with Leela on the
observation deck. He wonders why she ran off during dinner. Leela admits
feeling a certain amount of jealousy when she watched Fry kiss Amy. They
both realize they everyone aboard ship has a companion…except for them.
Fry and Leela look into each other's eyes and begin to move forward,
about to kiss. Suddenly, the ship lurches violently as it is drawn
towards the black hole.

Brannigan resigns as captain and hands the responsibility to Kif Kroker.
As the ship quakes, the passengers head for the escape pods. Bender
realizes the Countess is missing. He enters the casino, where he
discovers that the Countess has fallen through a crack in the floor and
is now surrounded by flames. Bender uses a fire hose to lower himself
into the hole. He extinguishes the flames using the hose. Unfortunately,
the water begins flooding the room. As Leela and the others make their
way through the ship, an emergency air lock door threatens to cut off
their escape. Dr.Zoidberg stops the door from closing completely by
using one of his pincers as a wedge. Hermes boldly steps forward and,
using his legendary limbo skills, manages to slip through the small
space. He then opens the door from the other side, allowing his
colleagues to pass through the portal. Meanwhile, the Countess realizes
she is a yacht. A propeller emerges from her body and she motors towards
the surface of the water, with Bender in tow. Meanwhile, Fry and the
others board the escape pod. With time having run out, they reluctantly
take off. Suddenly, Bender and the Countess appear. They leap from the
ship and sail through space. Bender grabs hold of the back of the pod,
the Countess dangling from his other hand. As they say their final
farewells, the Countess' bracelet snaps…sending her plummeting into the
black hole. Bender moans sadly. He realizes he will always have the
bracelet to remember her by. Hermes examines the bracelet with a
loupe…and declares it a fake. Bender wails.