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Episode Recap: Mother's Day

On Mother’s Day, Mom unleashes a hoard of rampaging robots to destroy the Earth—and only the Professor can stop them. 


Robots everywhere celebrate Mother’s Day by honoring Mom, the owner of Mom’s Friendly Robot Company. Surprisingly, even Bender shows generosity on this day. He purchases Mom a variety of gifts, along with a talking Mother’s Day greeting card. There are so many presents that Bender must enlist Fry and Leela’s aid to transport them all to Mom’s compound. There, the threesome tour Mom’s robot museum, which features a Hall of Wax Robots, along with a visor allowing humans to experience what it’s like to see through a robot’s eyes.

Meanwhile, Mom informs her sons, Walt, Larry and Igner, that all robots sport an antenna so that she can control them via remote. She tells her sons how much she loathes Mother’s Day. Later, she informs all the robots gathered in the compound about her desire to be the Supreme Overlord of the Earth. Using the remote control device, she signals all automatons to revolt against humanity. It isn’t long be for humans find it next to impossible to survive without robots. Everything from coffee machines to garbage disposals to televisions turn on their masters. The uprising even affects Walt, Larry and Igner, who ask Mom why she is bringing about the collapse of civilization.

Mom explains that, seven years earlier, the only man she ever loved walked out of her life. She vows to "jam a squirrel" in her old beloved if she ever sees him again. With that, she hurls a picture against a wall…revealing that her old boyfriend was none other than the Professor. Mom’s three sons approach the Planet Express gang and ask the Professor for help.

They believe that if he rekindles his romance with Mom, she will end her hateful ways. The Professor recounts how he met and fell in love with Mom while working as a researcher at her company. But when Mom made plans to alter one of the Professor’s inventions, a children’s toy called Q.T. McWhiskers, by turning it into a weapon, the Professor ended their relationship. The three sons tell the Professor she never got over the breakup. Leela begs the Professor to seduce Mom and access her bra, where the remote control to deactivate the robots is hidden.

The Planet Express crew constructs a hug wooden cart designed to transport the Professor to a secluded cabin in the Bronx, where the three sons have brought their mother. The Professor, holding a bouquet of flowers behind his back, knocks on the cabin’s front door. When Mom answers, she grows angered and repeatedly slams the door on the Professor’s foot. The Professor holds out the flowers…and Mom’s anger subsides. She invites him inside , where the pair engage in a heated argument.

Suddenly, the pair begin kissing, and one thing leads to another until the Professor successfully removes Mom’s bra. Overcome with passion, the Professor flings it away. Meanwhile , rampaging robots advance the Planet Express crew and Mom’s three sons. The group takes refuge inside the cabin, where the Professor and Mom lie nude on a bed.

The robots, meanwhile, attempt to crash through the walls. Fry notices the bra hanging from a ceiling fan. Bender suddenly crash s down the chimney and enters the room. Mom asks Bender to stretch upward and grab the bra, but he refuses, noting his order to rebel. But when the Mother’s Day greeting card tells Bender there will be no room for liquor in robot paradise , he tears the card into tiny pieces. He then stretches upward and knocks the bra off the fan. It falls into Mom’s hands…and she halts the robots’ rampage. But when Mom finds out about the Professor’s original goal—to seduce her and access the remote control device—she grows enraged and kicks him
out of the cabin.