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Episode Recap: Put Your Head on My Shoulders

Valentine's Day turns into a nightmare for Fry after his head is surgically attached to Amy's body.

As Fry, Bender Leela and Amy watch television in the Planet Express lounge, they view a commercial announcing a special President’s Day sale at a hovercar dealership. Amy tells the others that she would like to go car shopping, as her wealthy parents promised her a new vehicle. Bender tells her he would like to tag along, as he received a recall notice about his derriere, which could burst into flames in a low-speed collision. As the group prepares to leave for the dealership, Leela playfully swats Bender in the rear-end with a newspaper, causing it to burst into flames. 
Later, at Malfunctioning Eddie’s Rocket-Car Emporium, Victor, a Latino salesman, descends upon Amy and Leela. Amy’s neophyte ways—such as telling Victor her parents are wealthy—cause Leela to grow increasingly exasperated. Eventually, Amy ends up purchasing a hovercar for more than its actual value. Later, Fry and Amy take the new car for a spin and head for the planet Mercury. Unfortunately, Amy runs out of gas and must call Septuple-A for emergency assistance. As the climate on Mercury is extremely hot, Amy unzips her sweatshirt part way. She tells Fry how much she enjoys his company. The pair exchange looks. 
Hours later, when the towcraft driver finally arrives at the scene, he notices the windows on Amy’s car have fogged over. He pops the convertible top, expecting to find the pair in the throws of passion. But when the top lowers, Amy and Fry are playing cards, still fully clothed. The towcraft hauls the vehicle away, with Amy and Fry inside. Amy pulls the convertible top down and she and Fry have sex. 
When the pair returns to the Planet Express office, Amy confirms that she and Fry ran out of fuel on Mercury and "one thing led to another." Zoidberg comments that he would pay anything to end his life of loneliness,if only he weren’t so desperately poor. Bender misinterprets Zoidberg’s words and, suddenly inspired, begins pimping two hookerbots. But when his business venture lands him in jail, Bender sets up a computer dating service. 
Meanwhile, Amy tells Fry how much she enjoys hanging out with him. The phrase "hanging out "throws Fry into a tizzy, and he tells his colleagues he feels as though he is being smothered. He convinces Zoidberg to accompany he and Amy on a trip to Europa, thereby guaranteeing no romance. As the threesome cruise through a spectacular vista of volcanoes and ice flows, Fry asks Zoidberg to pilot Amy’s hovercar so that he can speak with Amy in private. But before Fry has the chance to break up with Amy, Zoidberg inadvertently snaps the steering with his claws, sending the craft crashing into a mountainside. 
When Fry regains consciousness, he realizes he has been decapitated. Zoidberg tells him he saved his life by transplanting his head onto Amy’s right shoulder. A chipper Amy states that they will be spending much more time together…prompting Fry to scream. Despite being connected to her body, Fry nonetheless breaks up with Amy, telling her they should start seeing other people. Amy responds by making Valentine’s Day plans with another man. 
Fry turns to Leela for help, hoping she will help him maintain his "studly" image. But Leela already has plans of her own (having turned to Bender’s dating service for help). With no other option at his disposal, Fry pays Bender his $500 fee to set him up with a date for Valentine’s Day. 
When the big day arrives, Amy and Fry, still attached to each other and looking desirable in a black dress, meet Amy’s date, Gary. The threesome head to Elzar’s Fine Cuisine for dinner. Bender escorts Fry’s date, Petunia, a haggard, chain-smoking tramp, Into the restaurant. Shortly thereafter, Bender introduces Leela to her date, a bus river named Sal. It soon becomes apparent to Leela that Bender rounded up the dates at the bus station. When Sal announces that the bus is leaving, various people rise from their seats and head out the door. 
A short time later, things heat up between Amy and Gary. Fry realizes, to his horror, the Gary and Amy intend to make love. Leela realizes what is happening and comes to Fry s rescue by quizzing Gary about his job as a banking industry regulator, causing Gary to drone on endlessly. 
Later, Zoidberg successfully reattaches Fry’s head to his repaired body.