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Episode Recap: Amazon Women in the Mood

Fry and the others find themselves trapped on a planet of Amazonian women ruled by a man-hating computer. 


Amy complains to her colleagues that someone has been dialing her phone number and hanging up twice a day for over a year. The caller, it turns out, is Kif Kroker, who again promptly hangs up when Amy answers. Kif recounts the story of how he met Amy aboard the Titanic a year earlier. When Amy and Kif parted, Amy gave Kif a kiss on the cheek…and her phone number. When Zapp realizes that Amy is friends with Leela, he arranges a double date. The foursome make their way to an enormous orbiting restaurant, where Kif follows Zapp's advice and takes his cues from Zapp's black book of pick-up lines. Unfortunately, the crude remarks only make Amy angry. Zapp then convinces Kif that karaoke is the answer. But just as Kif pours out his heart through song, Zapp pushes him aside and takes the spotlight. His performance proves so overbearing that patrons cover their ears and flee in escape pods. Undaunted, Zapp decides to pilot the empty restaurant himself instead of hailing a space taxi. But the restaurant lurches and hurtles toward a nearby planet. Fry grows concerned when Leela fails to return from the double date. He calls the restaurant, but receives a recorded message announcing that the restaurant has crashed into a planet. Fry and Bender decide to launch a rescue. Meanwhile, somewhere on a jungle-like planet, Kif, Zapp, Amy and Leela encounter Kug, Ornk and Thog, three shapely, ten-foot-tall Amazonians wearing bikinis and wielding clubs. The giant women grab hold of their captives and drag them away by their feet. Shortly thereafter, the Planet Express ship lands on the planet. It isn't long before Fry and Bender are also taken prisoner. Inside Amazon City, Amy and Leela are set free because they are female. Kug and Ornk explain that all of the males died out, leaving behind nothing but cigars and books filled with golf jokes. The giants take Bender, Fry and Zapp for a tour of the city, which ends at the Femtemple, home to an enormous female computer, or Femputer, worshiped by the Amazonians. After careful consideration, the Femputer sentences the men to death by copulation, or “snu-snu.” Fry, Zapp, Kif and Bender are both horrified and excited by the idea. Leela pleads with the Femputer, hoping to change its mind. But when the Femputer learns that the men belittled women's basketball, she refuses to commute their sentence. The machine does, however, set Bender free, as he is a robot. Before Kif is dragged away for a lethal bout of snu-snu, he admits to Amy that all of the sexist remarks he made at the restaurant were Zapp's idea. He also reveals that it was he who made the nuisance phone calls. He then professes his love for Amy. After Kif is dragged away, Leela and Amy appeal to Bender, hoping he can interface with the Femputer and reprogram it. Bender picks up a pipe and begins bashing the machine. The front panel falls off and a feminine robot emerges. She explains how she once lived on a planet ruled by a chauvinistic manbot…and has resented men ever since. She then advances on Bender. Meanwhile, Amy rescues Kif from the Amazonians. But during their flight, they find themselves trapped in the Femtemple with the Femputer. Unbeknownst to the giants, Bender and the Fembot are snuggling inside the machine. The Femputer orders the Amazons to release the prisoners. The gang then flies back to the Planet Express offices.