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Episode Recap: Insane in the Mainframe

Fry and Bender become inadvertent participants in a bank robbery and are sentenced to a robot insane asylum where Fry comes to believe that he is indeed a robot. 


At Planet Express, Fry and the gang celebrate Zoidberg’s tenth anniversary. When Zoidberg receives his pension statement indicating a zero balance, Fry laments over his own non-existent pension. He invests his only savings, $100, in lottery tickets, which net him a measly six dollars. Fry and Bender go to the bank to open a $6 savings account. Bender runs into an old robot friend, Roberto, who suddenly pulls a knife and holds up the bank. Roberto orders Fry to open the door so he can make his getaway and hands two bags of money to Bender and Fry to thank them for their trouble. Officers Smitty and Url arrive and arrest Fry and Bender. In court, attorney Hyper-Chicken does a lousy job ofdefending Fry and Bender and eventually pleads insanity. Judge Whitey sentences them to robot and human asylums for the criminally insane, but when reminded that the human asylum is filled, he remands Fry to the robot asylum. At the robot asylum, Bender and Fry are given physicals, which are very painful for Fry. Fry is then taken to see a therapist, Dr. Perceptron, who shocks him every time he insists he’s human. Later, Fry meets his roommate Malfunctioning Eddie who explodes whenever he gets excited. Fry then goes to the Common Area where he meets up with Bender who introduces him to a bizarre group of robot inmates. Fearing for his sanity, Fry tells Bender that he has to get out of the asylum. Later, Fry finds out that Eddie is being released, and his new roommate is Roberto who was arrested for robbing the same bank. Roberto practices his knife stabbing on a terrified Fry who screams that he’s not a robot. The next morning Dr. Perceptron tells Fry’s friends that Fry is cured. When he is brought out, they realize that Fry now really thinks he is a robot. Back at Planet Express, Dr. Zoidberg and the gang try to convince Fry that he’s human, but Fry continues to act like a robot. At the asylum, Roberto gets Bender to help him escape. Later, Roberto drags Bender into the same bank that he had robbed twice before. This time Smitty and Url are waiting for him, but Roberto’s able to escape–along with Bender who’s just trying to avoid the laser fire. Bender suggests they hide out at Planet Express where efforts are still underway to convince Fry he’s human. The police arrive at the building,and Roberto takes everyone hostage. He threatens to kill someone, and begins stabbing at Bender. When Fry sees this, he gets up to defend his friend and lumbers towards Roberto who stabs him in the chest. Luckily the knife is deflected by an oil can in Fry’s pocket, and when Roberto sees his oily knife, he believes that Fry is actually a battle robot, and breaks down into a childlike hysteria. In a panic, he hurls his knife at Fry nicking his arm,and jumps out of the window to the waiting police. The gang thanks Fry for rescuing them, and when Fry notices his bleeding arm, he realizes that he’s human. Bender announces that no matter how much blood Fry has lost, he’s still got the spirit of a robot. Fry thanks Bender for the thought, but passes out in mid-sentence.