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Episode Recap: Parasites Lost

A miniature version of the Planet Express crew attempts to rid Fry's body of parasitic worms; meanwhile, Leela finds Fry's new personality irresistible. 


When the Planet Express ship runs low on fuel, the crew heads for the nearest space truck stop. There, Fry takes an interest in a vending machine dispensing sandwiches in the men's bathroom. The fact that the sandwich is old and discolored does not dissuade Fry, who promptly devours it. When the gang returns to the Planet Express office, Hermes assigns Fry and Bender the task of repairing the building's boiler. During the repair, the boiler explodes, sending pieces of metal flying. Fry is impaled by a metal pipe, but nonetheless reacts with little concern or pain. The Professor examines Fry's gastro-intestinal tract, and discovers that Fry's intestines are inhabited by intelligent worms (which entered his body via the rotten sandwich). It is then decided that the best way to eradicate the worms is to send a miniature version of the Planet Express crew into Fry's body. Hermes, Amy and Bender don Net Suits, devices that control tiny microdroid-versions of themselves. But since the worms monitor the outside world, the mission must be kept secret from Fry. Leela steps forward and offers to provide the necessary distraction. At the right moment, Leela uses a blow-dart tube to shoot a tiny version of the Planet Express ship into Fry's ear. Inside the vessel, the miniature version of the crew navigates its way through Fry's body, where many dangers await. Meanwhile, in the “outside” world, Fry takes on—and easily defeats—a thug who had earlier uttered crude remarks about Leela. Later, inside a café, Fry professes his love for Leela, feelings that surfaced at the truck stop. Meanwhile, the miniature crew battle an army of worms inside Fry's bowels. Leela secretly introduces a miniature robotic version of herself into Fry's body. Mini-Leela quickly makes its way to Fry's bowels, where it decapitates the robotic versions of her crewmates. Back at Planet Express, Leela tells her real-life crewmates that, perhaps, Fry is better off infested with worms. Leela then takes Fry back to her apartment, where Fry plays the holophonor, a futuristic musical instrument resembling a high-tech snake-charmer's pipe. Leela is impressed with Fry's playing, and the holographic images he dreams up. She leads him by the hand into her bedroom. But when Leela states that she loves what he has become, Fry grows suspicious. He creates a miniature version of himself and enters his own body. There, he confronts the worms and convinces them to vacate his body. The real-world Fry then returns to Leela's apartment and plays the holophonor. This time, he conjures up a most unexplainable image. Things get even worse when Fry mentions his past relationship with Amy. Annoyed, Leela hands Fry his holophonor. When Fry returns home, he tells Bender that Leela is a lost cause…but takes up holophonor lessons nonetheless.