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Episode Recap: The Cyber House Rules

Tired of feeling like an outcast, Leela has a second eye grafted onto her face; Bender adopts twelve children afterlearning about the government’s seemingly lucrative stipend. 


One morning, Leela opens the Planet Express office door and discovers a basket on the stoop with a talking card inside. The card invites Leela to attend areunion at the Cookieville Orphanarium, where Leela grew up. Leela expresses complete disinterest in attending, as all the other orphans used to pick on her because she had only one eye. But when Bender reminds Leela that she’s a successful space captain, she has a change of heart and decides to attend. Later, Warden Vogel gives Fry, Leela and Bender a tour of the dismal facility. As the reunion gets underway, Leela notices old photos of her and the other orphans. Among them is Adlai Atkins, whom Leela had a crush on. Later, a group of the now-grown orphans begin picking on Leela. Adlai steps forward and insists they stop at once. It is then revealed that Adlai is now a doctor who specializes in phaser eye surgery. He tells Leela he can transform her into a normal two-eyed person. Fry objects to the idea,as he thinks Leela looks great the way she is. Meanwhile, the warden informs Bender and Fry that anyone who adopts a child will receive a weekly stipend of one hundred dollars. Later, Leela has the surgery, giving her two perfect eyes. Leela is very pleased with her new look, and soon discovers that she is no longer the object of ridicule. Adlai even asks her out on a date, and she accepts. Fry cannot hide his jealousy. Bender adopts twelve children, but soon realizes his plot to make easy money comes with a price, as the children require constant attention. He takes the kids to a pub, where his “fathering skills ”attract the attention of a robot floozy. But she excuses herself when the children again demand Bender’s attention. Leela and Adlai join Amy, the Professor, Zoidberg, Hermes and Fry for dinner at Elzar’s. During the meal, Fry points out that there’s nothing particularly wonderful about Leela being normal. Afterward, Adlai tells Leela he would like to settle down and start a family. Meanwhile, Bender dines with the children,but when the check arrives, Bender reacts with a horrified gasp, and he scoots them out the kitchen door. Bender convenes with Fry to figure out how much his adoption scam is earning him. But when he crunches the numbers, he discovers he is losing money. He then declares that the children must go. Meanwhile, Leela and Adai discuss the possibility of adopting. When they turn to the orphanage, however, they discover that it is completely empty. Undaunted, they turn to Bender. But as Leela and Adlai attempt to choose from the group, Smitty and Url break down the door and place Bender under arrest for mistreating the youngsters. Later, at the jail, Leela decides to adopt an unusual-looking girl—who has an ear on her face—and is the subject of constant ridicule. But when Adlai suggests a surgical procedure to correct the problem, Leela objects. Leela then realizes she was fine the way she was, and decides to have her second eye removed.