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Episode Recap: Future Stock

A cryogenically frozen 1980’s guy is thawed, becomes the CEO of the failing Planet Express company, and threatens to have it acquired and gutted by it’s largest competitor. 


At the annual meeting Professor Farnsworth, CEO, tells the Planet Express stockholders that the company is on the brink of bankruptcy and their shares are almost worthless. Fry and Dr. Zoidberg are starving and leave the meeting to walk through the hotel lobby in search of food. In Ballroom C, they come upon the Cryogenic Support Group Meeting, where the recently defrosted share their troubles. As Fry gobbles snacks, Steve Castle,a corporate raider from the go-go 1980s, gets up and states his intention to sleaze his way back to the top, 80’s style. Castle’s 80’s career ended when he was diagnosed with the then terminal and incurable boneitis—now that there’s a cure he s unfrozen and ready to go. Castle sits down next to Fry who introduces himself as a fellow 80's remnant and offers to help Castle get a job at Planet Express. Fry and Castle go to the Planet Express stockholders meeting and when it comes time to elect a new CEO, Fry nominates Castle. The election is tied between Castle and the Professor and Hattie casts her one vote against the Professor, who insulted her cat. Castle becomes the new Planet Express CEO. 

Castle names Fry as his new Vice Chairman and grooms him to emulate Castle’s eighties "shark" style. Fry learns the 80’s business lingo and gets a hostile makeover—power suit and gelled hair. Fry identifies Mom s Friendly Delivery Company as the market leader in the delivery business and their fiercest competitor. Dr. Zoidberg is so disgusted with the "new" Planet Express that he sells all of his shares to Castle for a sandwich. Mom learns of Planet Express’ intent to increase it’s share of the delivery business from the pages of Mentor and Protogee magazines. Castle and Fry go to a celebrity studded ape fight and dine in the private room of one of NYC’s poshest restaurants where Mom shows up. Castle dismisses Fry so he can talk to Mom alone. Later, Castle comes back to Planet Express headquarters and reports that he has sold the company to Mom so she can gut it and reduce competition. 

Fry is devastated by Castle’s betrayal and vows to block Mom’s takeover as the Planet Express ang clears out their lockers. At the Intergalactic Stock Exchange Business Center, the Planet Express workers try to vote against the takeover, but Castle had purchased fifty-one percent of the company from Dr. Zoidberg and it looks like the takeover is approved. The value of Planet Express shares rises dramatically in response and Leela, Hermes, et. al are thrilled. Fry gets up to the podium and again vows to stop the takeover and suddenly Castle crumples to the ground and dies—he was so busy being an 80’s guy he forgot to cure his boneitis. On Castle’s death, Fry as Vice Chairman gets voting control of his shares, votes Castle’s fifty-one percent against the acquisition, and appoints the Professor as CEO. While this happens, the value of Planet Express shares plummets to almost zero. As the crew exits, grumbling, Fry cheerfully reminds them that at least they have their jobs back and he will see them all on Monday.