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Episode Recap: Godfellas

Bender accidentally gets shot out into the heavens and becomes god to a race of tiny aliens only to fail in that position and meet the Real Thing. 


The Planet Express ship flies through space and Bender has a problem...his hearing unit is stuck on maximum. To get some peace and quiet, Bender takes out the torpedo and shuts himself in a torpedo hatch 3, then falls fast asleep. Meanwhile, the Planet Express ship has been attacked by space pirates and retaliates by firing torpedo 3, which is now actually Bender. Leela and Fry see Bender being shot at the pirate ship and Bender wakes up in flight. Bender shoots through the pirate ship and saves the Planet Express ship. However, because Bender was expelled while the Planet Express ship was going at maximum speed, the ship will never catch up with him and Bender is lost in space. Bender floats into an asteroid field and eventually a small asteroid hits him and lodges halfway in his belly. Tiny aliens stream off the asteroid onto Bender and the minute alien priest announces that Bender is their Great Metal Lord god. 

The asteroid is home to a society of rural, poor, miniature beings and Malachi, one of them, informs Bender of their ways. As the Metal Lord god, Bender hands down his ten commandments, the first one being that god needs booze. The diminutive aliens build a brewery for Bender, but lose health, lives and social order in doing so. Bender sheds a tear that floods part of the mini-asteroid and washes away Malachi’s son who Bender then saves. The tinykin beings witness this miracle and pray for their own. Bender tries to fulfill their wishes, but creates disasters instead. I ’s tough being god. Meanwhile, Fry is desperate to find Bender and consults a cleric and a gypsy. The gypsy tells him an ancient order has built the world’s most powerful telescope in the Himalayas to look for god. Fry and Leela head there. Meanwhile, god Bender faces a new crisis—the disappointed,non-believing aliens who have settled on his back wage a heretical war against the faithful on Bender’s front. 

When the battle smoke clears, Bender discovers that all of the aliens are dead, and Bender floats through space toward a glowing,pulsating Galactic Entity that he believes really is god. At the Himalayan monastery Leela intimidates the pacifist monks to move from their observation positions and locks them in the laundry room so Fry can use the transmission and search equipment to look for Bender. As the Galactic Entity gives Bender tips on how to be a good god, Fry gives up after three days of searching the heavens for Bender and twirls the telescope and transmission sender randomly in defeat. The apparatus incidentally focuses on Bender and the Galactic Entity and Fry’s kind words of how he misses Bender reach them. The Galactic Entity hurls Bender towards Earth and he lands in the Himalayas right at Leela and Fry’s feet as they trek down the mountains. Leela and Fry realize they forgot to let the monks out of the laundry room and are inclined to leave them to starve, but Bender, now touched by God, demands that they return to save the monks.