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Episode Recap: Jurassic Bark

Bender grows jealous when Fry attempts to clone his beloved fossilized dog. 


Dressed in a tuxedo, Bender performs magic tricks in front of a mirror, including one that uses a quarter bearing the name and image of Al “Grampa” Lewis. Shortly thereafter, Fry notices a newspaper headline heralding an archeological wonder: The unearthing of a 20 th -century pizzeria. Bender and Fry visit the museum exhibit…and Fry realizes it’s Panucci’s, the place he used to work. Amongst the items included in the exhibit is a fossilized dog. Fry realizes it’s his old dog, Seymour, whom he met while delivering pizzas one day. Fry smashes the glass case housing the exhibit, telling the curator he’s taking his dog home. He’s quickly kicked off the property. Unwilling to give up, Fry stages a protest for three days, hoping public pressure will force the museum to change its mind. Eventually, the curator and a paleontologist, Dr. Ben Beeler, approach Fry and, after Fry divulges an unimportant piece of information regarding the dog, the fossil is given to him. 

Later, the Professor announces that enough DNA exists to clone the animal. Fry is elated by the news. Bender, however, has the exact opposite reaction, certain the dog’s reanimation will cost him his friend. In flashback, Seymour leads Fry’s parents to the cryogenics lab after Fry accidentally falls into a freezing tube. But the Frys fail to notice their son despite the dog’s action. In the present day, Bender purchases a robo-puppy, prompting Amy to realize that Bender is jealous of the still- fossilized Seymour. Bender denies this is true. Later, the Professor gathers everyone around the Clone-O-Mat, which is located near a bubbling pit of lava in the Planet Express sub-basement. Just before a drill touches the fossil, Bender loses his temper, picks up the fossil and throws it into the lava. Fry is horrified. 

After Fry punches and kicks the robot, the Professor announces that all is not lost. The fossil is made of dolomite, an incredibly resilient material. Fry announces he’s going to jump into the lava to rescue his beloved dog. But Leela and Amy tackle him in the nick of time. When Fry bids Seymour farewell, and begins to cry, Bender has a change of heart. As he’s comprised of 40 percent dolomite, Bender jumps into the lava and swims to the fossil. Later, Bender emerges from the lava with the fossil, and the Professor begins the cloning process. But moments before the dog is reanimated, the Professor announces that Seymour lived to be 15. As Fry got the dog when he was three years old, he decides it lived a full life, with some other owner, and decides against cloning him. But in flashback, we see that the dog hung around the pizzeria, waiting for Fry to return, the entire 12 years.