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Episode Recap: Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch

When Kif gets pregnant, Amy questions her readiness to become a parent. 


Amy takes a call from Kif, who vocalizes his frustrations over their long distance relationship. The Professor then informs everyone they’ll be making a delivery to Nigel 7. Knowing Kif’s on patrol nearby, Amy asks to be dropped off on the way, but her request is denied. Amy stows away onboard, and takes control of the ship while the crew is in stasis.She docks with Zif’s ship, the Nimbus, and Amy and Kif share a passionate reunion, during which Kif suggests she move in with him. Before she can reply, he takes her to the Holo-shed to run some romantic holo-programs he created for her, but Amy admits she’s not ready to give up her life for him. Suddenly, the holo-shed breaks down, creating evil characters that chase Zif and Amy from the holo-shed. With Kif yelling that once again the holo-shed has turned fictional characters into real people, the two run on to the bridge, followed by the villains. Zapp fires a weapon at the villains, which blasts a hole in the hull, sucking them out of the ship. The crew and their guests grab on to one another, forming a human chain, to avoid being sucked into space. As Kif flies towards the rupture, each person grabs his hand, but is unable to hold on. Suddenly the moon from one of Kif’s programs flies out of the holo-shed and becomes wedged in the hull’s hole, saving everyone. After giving everyone an exam, the doctor declares that Kif is pregnant.

Zif explains how both genders of his species can become pregnant. Whenever an individual experiences deep love, he or she enters a state whereby their skin becomes permeable, allowing genetic material to pass from one to another. Fry reminds Zif that he touched the hand of everyone on board, which means anyone could be the “mother.” A maternity test determines that Leela, not Amy, is the mother, but Kif is not phased by the results. He explains that the true parent, known as the “smizmar,” is the one who first inspired the feelings of love–in this case, Amy. Later, as Amy discusses Kif’s baby shower with Leela, she realizes she may not be prepared to be a parent. Amy’s doubts only grow stronger at the shower, especially when she’s presented with an ironing board that was created out of her party-board. As Kif gushes about his new family, Amy breaks down, announces that she “can’t do this,” and runs from the room.

As Kif mourns Amy’s departure, his tummy begins to quiver, and he states that he must return to his homeworld to give birth. The Nimbus arrives at Amphibios 9, where Fry, Zapp, Leela and Bender accompany Kif on his journey back to the swamp where he was born. After an arduous journey, they finally arrive at the swamp, where the Grand Midwife begins the ancient birth ceremony. Without Amy present, the ceremony is unusually one-sided, but a sad, yet determined, Zif carries on. Just as the ceremony nears completion, Amy flies in on her party board, and tells Zif that although she may not be prepared for motherhood, she loves him and wants to stand beside him. Zif gives birth to a mass of gooey gel containing dozens of tadpoles that crawl into the swamp and swim off. As everyone congratulates the new parents, Kif announces that the babies will spend 20 years in the swamp, after which they’ll sprout legs and crawl back onto the land as children. Amy smiles at him and replies that by then she’ll be ready to be a parent.