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Episode Recap: Spanish Fry

When Fry succeeds in retrieving his nose, which was taken by aliens, a more precious appendage of his is placed in peril. 


For the office outing, the Planet Express gang goes camping in the Duraflame National Forest, a national Bigfoot preserve. That night, Leela and Amy get into their tent and Fry gets into his-Bender says he’s comfortable outside. As the night wears on, Bender gets chilly and lures Fry out of his tent by pretending he’s Bigfoot, and when Fry steps out of his tent, Bender sneaks in and zips it shut. Fry continues searching the woods for Bigfoot, and when he comes to a clearing a flying saucer touches down and its alien occupants abduct him.

In the morning a disheveled Fry stumbles out of the woods and is confused by his office mates’ looks of concern. Dr. Zoidberg informs Fry he no longer has a nose and Fry realizes it was taken by his alien abductors. Back at the Planet Express office, Fry is dissatisfied with replacement noses-he wants his own nose back. Just then, the television news reports that aliens are hunting human noses, or "human horn", which is an extremely valuable aphrodisiac in the alien world. Leela, Bender and Dr. Zoidberg join Fry on his quest for his nose and at a seedy adult products booth they learn that Lrrr, the ruler of planet Omicron Persei 8, bought Fry’s proboscis. The crew goes to that planet and finds Lrrr fighting with his wife, Ndnd, who says not even an aphrodisiac can help them and gives Fry’s nose back. As they leave, Bender asks Lrrr why they use the human nose/horn, rather than the wang-dang-doodle, as an aphrodisiac. Lrrr replies that he thought the human horn was the wang-dang-doodle, and Bender says no - that’s below the belt. Lrrr has Fry seized so his "lower horn" can be harvested.

Leela points out Lrrr and Ndnd have deeper relationship problems than can be solved by an aphrodisiac and the gang takes them to the romantic Duraflame National Forest so their passion can be rekindled. If this plan does not work, Lrrr and Ndnd can have Fry’s lower horn. The Planet Express folks whip up a fancy meal and Leela does a sexy Spanish dance, but there is no magic in the air, and Lrrr sets his flunkies on Fry’s wang-doodle. Just as it looks hopeless for Fry’s lower horn, Bigfoot crashes into the clearing. Lrrr and Ndnd are charmed by the cute behemoth and fiercely protect him from the Park Ranger. Lrrr realizes that all living things, even Fry’s lower horn, have dignity and must be protected. Ndnd is touched by Lrrr’s sensitivity, they begin making out, and Fry’s wang-dang-doodle is safe.