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Episode Recap: Three Hundred Big Boys

When each Earthican receives a three hundred-dollar government refund, the Planet Express crew members pursue their respective dreams and desires. 


Kif and Zapp Brannigan conquer the spiders on planet Tarantulan 6 and the resulting silk surplus induces Nixon’s Head to issue a three hundred dollar refund to each Earthican. Leela decides to spend her refund on a swim with a whale and Fry resolves to buy and consume one hundred cups of coffee. The Professor buys stem cells that temporarily reverse aging, making him appear to be a handsome thirty year old, and he immediately meets an attractive college girl. Hermes purchases a pair of Bamboo Boogie Boots that shoot up fifteen feet and begin walking the moment he puts them on and he stomps down the street out of control. Leela arranges for her swim with Mushu the whale and joins Fry in the aquarium coffee shop. In the sky, Kif gives Amy a ride on a tandem paddle plane, and also gives her a two faced watch. Kif looses control of the paddle plane and almost crashes into the aquarium; as he rights the plane Amy’s new watch fall’s into the whale tank and Mushu eats it.

Dr. Zoidberg notes that induced vomiting brought up the watch he ate, and Leela chimes in that she is scheduled to swim with Mushu the next day. That night Leela goes to Elzar’s restaurant and unplugs a freezer full of fish, while the Professor dines and sweet talks his college coed date. Meanwhile, Bender steals a priceless cigar from the smokeshop - unfortunately a surveillance camera transmits Bender’s image to the local police precinct. The next morning Amy, Leela and Kif retrieve the rotted fish Elzar discards in his dumpster. Leela goes for her swim with Mushu and feeds him the rotten fish, and when the marine biologist tempts Mushu with another fish, Mushu vomits up, among other things, Amy’s watch. Kif jumps in the whale tank, gets covered with waxy effluvia, retrieves the watch and is arrested and taken away to jail.

At a Silk Surplus Reception, while Zapp shows off the highly valuable and flammable Arachnid tapestries and textile arts to socialites and community notables, Bender lights up his priceless cigar and blows smoke in their faces. In jail, the marine biologist tells Kif they will drop the charges if Kif gives them the precious ambergris, a whale digestive byproduct perfume base, that he is encased in. Kif agrees, sheds his skin, and is released. At the party, the Professor’s wrinkles begin to reappear and he tells his cute young friend about his temporary age reversing treatment …she admits she used her refund to buy body piercings that repressed her obesity. Hermes clomps in to the fete on his Boogie Boots, knocks Bender down and the priceless cigar flies into a tapestry and sets it on fire. The whole room goes up in flames, Fry chugs his hundredth cup of coffee, and super fueled with caffeine, saves everyone and puts out the fire. After failing as a "rich" person, Dr. Zoidberg uses his $300 to buy a hobo banquet of turkey dogs, watermelon and grape-aide that everyone enjoys, and the cops finally arrest Bender for his theft of the priceless cigar.