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Episode Recap: Beast With a Billion Backs Pt 1

The Planet Express crew mounts a mission to explore an anomalous rift in space; and Fry gets serious about his new girlfriend, Colleen. 


The shred in the Universe seems to have stopped at a single rip in the sky, and nobody's sure how scared they should be. Scientists believe the rip is a gateway to another universe. Fry introduces the Planet Express gang to his new girlfriend Colleen, much to Leela's irritation. Kif and Amy announce that they're getting married… or rather, Kif has asked her to be his "Fonfon Ru." Everybody's invited to Kif's family's swamp on Amphibios 9 for the Fonfon Rubok ceremony. The ceremony involves standing in mud containing the remains of Kif's ancestors. Kif throws the bouquet, and Colleen catches it… and then Zoidberg eats it.

At Fry and Bender's, Bender watches Calculon's latest film. Fry's not paying attention; he's got a big date with Colleen. Bender's jealous. Fry takes Colleen on the 2D Tunnel of Love, where Fry asks to take things to the next step: "Colleen, will you be moved in with by me?" The answer is yes.

At a scientific conference, Stephen Hawking admits that he can't explain the anomaly despite having cashed a huge check for writing a book about it. Professor Farnsworth stands up and says that as scientists, they must risk their lives to mount an expedition to the anomaly. Farnsworth's nemesis, Professor Wernstrom, agrees; but he wants to lead the expedition. The two scientists decide to settle this like men of science: in the Deathball arena. Farnsworth and the Planet Express team are victorious, and Fry gets some sugar from Colleen; but she also kisses some other guy. It's another boyfriend of hers; it turns out she has five, including Fry. As the Planet Express team prepares to head out on their dangerous mission, Fry agonizes to Leela; should he move in with Colleen and her four other boyfriends? Amy says only one thing matters: does he really love Colleen? He realizes that he does, so he decides to move in with her rather than go on the mission.

Fry moves in with Colleen, and over dinner and wine Colleen enthuses about how much she loves her life: five boyfriends, fine wine, and today she was promoted to Chief of Police. Fry's attempt to make a romantic toast turns into an argument between all the boyfriends. Colleen interrupts with an emotional plea for them to be grateful; most people in this world don't have what they have. They all agree. Fry tells Colleen she looks really nice. She says thanks; she got dressed up for her date. Then a car honks from outside. There he is; don't wait up. Fry realizes he's not okay with this, and tells Colleen that he's breaking up with her.

The Planet Express ship flies out to the anomaly. Wernstrom calls with disturbing news about the anomaly, but Farnsworth has Hermes hang up on him. They're terrified as they approach the anomaly. Bender suggests sending out a robotic drone without realizing that he's just volunteered himself. As he's prepped for the spacewalk, Bender says that the League of Robots won't be pleased to hear about this. Hermes tells him the League of Robots doesn't exist; it's just a cartoon for babies. Bender doesn't believe him. Bender walks out on a ramp until he's nearly touching the anomaly. At first speaking in hushed, reverential tones, Bender suddenly shouts at the other Universe to bite his shiny metal ass. As he bumps his butt against the anomaly, a gigantic blast of energy sends Bender and the Planet Express ship tumbling away through space.