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Episode Recap: Beast With a Billion Backs Pt 2

Zap leads a military strike on the anomaly; a heartbroken Fry decides to leave the Universe; and Bender's obsession with the League of Robots bears fruit. 


At the Robot hospital, TV's Calculon comes to visit his fan, Bender. He's been visiting fans in the hospital to work off his community service. Fry says goodbye to a tearful Colleen. In his heartbroken state, he sees love all around: between the pigeons in the park, between his therapist and some guy she's making out with during his therapy, between the fighting characters in the videogame he's playing. Bender returns to work, inspired by Calculon's visit: he's going to stalk Calculon. Calculon wakes up to find Bender in his bed. He finds Bender's derangement impressive, and appoints Bender to be his official stalker.

Farnsworth smells an emergency through his nasal telescope. It's a discontinuous magnetic field; just like Wernstrom had been trying to warn him. He calls Wernstrom to apologize, and ask him to collaborate with him. Wernstrom agrees. They find that the laws of electromagnetism change abruptly at the anomaly. Electrical devices are destroyed by the barrier between universes, but living beings can pass through unharmed. They go to see President Nixon, but he won't listen; this is a military matter. He appoints Zap Brannigan to lead the fleet to attack the anomaly. The Professors protest the invasion — "Less invasions, more equations!" — and the police are called in to give them a beating. One of the cops is Colleen, who — even as she's beating Farnsworth — looks beautiful to Fry. Amy and Kif say a tearful goodbye as he boards the fleet's mother ship. As the fleet blasts off, Bender grouses to Calculon that humans get to do all the fun stuff. The League of Robots ought to be handling this. Calculon laughs; he thinks it's adorable that Bender actually believes in the League. Bender's crushed to discover the truth; Farnsworth is crushed by billy clubs; and Fry's crushed by heartbreak… and has stowed away on the mother ship, casting a tearful glance back at Earth and Colleen.

Bender is so disillusioned that he decides to kill himself. He goes to a suicide booth, and chooses a clumsy bludgeoning; for an extra ten bucks he treats himself to also having his eyes scooped out with a melon baller. Just before the machine can go to work, a secret panel opens up in the floor, dropping Bender into the secret underground lair of... the League of Robots! Their President: Calculon. Bender is inducted into the League.

As the mother ship approaches the anomaly, Fry (wearing a jet pack) escapes the ship through the lint trap. On board, Zap has Kif prepare to launch the Universe to Universe missile. The missile jams, and doesn't launch. Kif is called upon to un-jam it, and ends up trapped in the hatch as the missile finally launches thanks to Zap's impatient finger on the "Fire" button. Just as Fry is about to step through the rift, and say goodbye to everything and everyone he's ever known, the missile arrives… tethered to the mother ship by Kif's legs. Kif and Fry exchange a quick hello just before Kif's rubbery legs, stretched as far as they'll go, suddenly slingshot him and the missile back toward the mother ship. Fry steps through the rift. Kif, upon impact, is killed instantly (splatted into goo), leaving Amy a grieving widow. At a funeral at a swamp on Kif's homeworld, the goo that was once Kif is committed to the petroleum that was once his ancestors. Amy doesn't think she'll ever love again.

Fry floats through the unknown other Universe. It's breathtaking… literally, in that his oxygen system fails when struck by lightning. Bender goes to his first secret League of Robots meeting. It's just several bloviating old robots drinking brandy by a fireside. One of them has a new monocle made from a human eye. Bender destroys it, blinding him. Calculon is shocked, but Bender points out that the bylaws specifically forbid any humans from setting foot in the League. If anybody has a human part, then they're part human. Having rigidly applied the law with no regard to its intent, he is congratulated: he'll go far in this organization.

The Professors are in prison. Leela brings them a cake with something hidden inside. It turns out to be the nasal telescope. They smell something shocking. They must notify the President at once, but how? Farnsworth wishes they weren't in prison. Suddenly a huge, flying, grypon-type creature appears. "Puzoozoo!" cries Farnsworth, as the creature gathers them up and flies them away. "You have one wish left, Professor," says Puzoozoo, who bears them to the Oval Office where they can deliver their warning. Fry floats through space, suffocating. He looks up to see something astonishing – a gigantic organic sphere, with billions of purple tentacles... and one very large eye.