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Episode Recap: Beast With a Billion Backs Pt 4

Everybody in the Universe and Yivo live together happily, except for a skeptical Leela; and Bender misses the humans, and commands a robot pirate ship to go get them back. 


With Leela's shocking revelation, everybody turns on Yivo, which translates into people punching Fry a lot. Yivo admits that he originally just wanted to get laid, but it eventually grew into something more. The 20 quadrillion of us are his soulmate. He claims he didn't hurt anyone, but a tearful Amy points out that Kif is dead: "If we hadn't tried to kill you, my Fonfon Ru would still be alive!" A penitent Yivo extends a tentacle into the swamp on Kif's homeworld, and reconstitutes Kif, bringing him back to life. Amy and Kif embrace. "This is awkward," says Zap, leading Kif to realize right away that Amy has slept with him. Yivo asks everyone for a second chance, to start over as friends, and he withdraws all his tentacles. Amy pleads with Kif to take her back, but he doesn't think he can forgive her.

A few days later a delegation assembles that includes Nixon, Zap, and Fry, as well as many other dignitaries. A transmission has been received from Yivo: an awkward answering-machine message asking if we wanted to do something on Friday. They decide to accept the date. Bender and Calculon duel with planetary annihilators. Bender cheats, firing before they've finished counting to ten. He sends a blast that blows off Calculon's arm, and also wreaks havoc, blowing gigantic holes all through the city. Calculon is so disgusted by Bender's behavior that he relinquishes his Presidency in the League of Robots... to Bender.

Friday: the date with Yivo commences. Tentacles arrive bearing flowers and chocolates, and everyone spends a pleasant evening talking and dancing with Yivo's tentacles. The delegation meets again: Yivo showed them a good time, but Yivo hasn't offered any sort of commitment. Even Fry agrees: All are in favor of dumping Yivo. They'll break the news in person. As the delegation boards the Planet Express ship, a jubilant Bender tries to talk to Fry about becoming President of the League. Fry has to board the ship, and robots can't go through the anomaly. Bender is left by himself, suddenly sad, and then angry. He goes to the League, and says it's time to overthrow humanity. The League points out that there are only six members; they'd need a damned army to overthrow humanity. Bender goes to Robot Hell, and makes a deal with the Robot Devil for an army of damned robots. The price: his first-born son… who Bender delivers up happily.

The Planet Express ship arrives at the anomaly, and then sends out a wooden ship tethered to the Planet Express ship by a rope. It floats through the barrier into the other Universe to Yivo... who surprises them by proposing: commitment at last! As Fry prepares to announce the engagement to humanity, Bender arrives with his robot army, ready to take over the Earth. Fry tells him that it’s okay; humanity doesn't need Earth any more. We're moving in with him! Bender is thrown, and saddened. Golden escalators descend from above, bearing everyone in the universe up to Yivo; including Leela, who tries unsuccessfully to get back down. They arrive on Yivo, whose surface looks exactly like the human, Christian conception of heaven; down to the pearly gates, fluffy clouds, blue skies, harps, and flying angels. Below, Fry says goodbye to Bender. Bender begs to go with him. "I'm sorry, Bender," says Fry. "Robots don't go to heaven." The escalators retract, leaving Bender alone with his robot army.

As everybody settles in, Yivo makes one request: never try to communicate with any other universe. Fry promises. Everybody but Leela enjoys their new life. Leela says this isn't Heaven; it just looks exactly like it… and makes them immortal, which makes her suspicious. Yivo explains that centuries ago, Yivo sent an image of himself into the minds of our universe's artists. The clouds are a vapor he exudes; the angels are mindless "Jaka birds." Later Fry writes Bender a letter, folds it into a paper airplane, and throws it to Earth. A lonely Bender is sad to read about how happy Fry is. He throws the letter away angrily… and it slices through the wastebasket (and the robot standing next to it). The letter is made of indestructible electromatter!

Back on Yivo, there's no jealousy. Everybody sleeps together on Mattress Island. Yivo offers to send Leela home, but she finally says that she'd just loved and lost so many times, she was afraid… but now she's not. She wants to stay. Everybody embraces… but the moment is cut short by a fusillade of gigantic harpoons. It's the work of Bender, commanding a robot pirate ship. Yivo is pulled through the anomaly into our Universe, and the robot army of the damned boards Yivo/Heaven. A terrible battle breaks out. Fry tells Bender to stop. Bender tells him to shut up: "I'm rescuing you!" Yivo grabs Bender… and then notices that Bender's sword has electromatter on it. Where did he get it? Fry looks guilty: it's Fry's letter on Bender's sword. Yivo, betrayed, is heartbroken. He sends everybody away, packing them all onto Bender's ship. Fry begs to go back with Yivo, but it's too late. Yivo has found only one among the quadrillions who understands him: Colleen, who will be staying with Yivo. Yivo squeezes back through the anomaly, closing it behind him as he goes.

A heartbroken Fry wonders if he should look for love closer to home. He asks Leela; she refuses. He then tries to hit on Amy, who protests that she's Kif's Fonfon Ru... but Kif still hasn't forgiven her. Arguments break out all around. Bender enters, and tells them that what they had with Yivo wasn't love. Love doesn't share itself with the world. Love is suspicious, needy, fearful, and greedy. There is no great love without great jealousy! Bender loves us meat-bags.