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Episode Recap: Bender's Big Score Part 3

As Leela and Lars prepare to get married, we learn what happened to Fry when he returned to the 21st century. 


A despondent Bender reports to the aliens that he's killed Fry. They erase his memory of both the time code and the obedience virus. At Fry's memorial service, however, Fry himself turns up alive. It turns out that when Fry left the cryogenics lab, he was hungry, but only had money from the future. So he used the time code to get free pizza... by going back in time an hour, and eating the pizza the younger Fry had originally delivered to the cryogenics lab; much to the disgust of his now-paradoxical previous self, who is still busily freezing paradoxical-Bender. He then tried to get money from his frozen self, but ended up falling in and getting frozen... with himself. When younger Fry first woke up in the future, older Fry hid, then reset the capsule to freeze himself for another 7.95 years, so he could resynchronize with his own timeline, and meet back up with his friends. He was just unfrozen ten minutes ago. They perform laser surgery on Fry to remove the time code tattoo, so the aliens will let him live. Farnsworth realizes that the Fry Bender killed was a paradoxical duplicate that was doomed anyway. What was his life like? They'll never know... but we turn back the clock to see:

2000: The paradoxical Fry who didn't go back in time for pizza began renting the room above the pizza place. At first happy to be home and with his family, he becomes heartsick for Leela. He becomes obsessed with Leelu, a beached Narwal with a superficial resemblance to Leela. The despondent animal will only eat when Fry's around, so the aquarium lets Fry work there. Back in the future the aliens now own everything on earth. Lars and Leela's romantic evening is interrupted by the aliens demolishing her neighborhood to turn it into a panda-hunting reserve. The whole Planet Express crew is homeless. Lars proposes to Leela. Robot Santa arrives, and drops a ticking time tomb shaped like a Christmas tree, but Lars easily defuses it. Fry's jealousy increases.

2006: Fry and Leelu have bonded, and she's been nursed back to health. The aquarium releases her back into the wild. Fry is heartbroken, and charters a whaling ship to find Leelu. The future: At Leela and Lars' wedding, Bender is decked out in a tuxedo. Fry plans to stop the wedding by switching their pen for one with no ink, so they can't sign the marriage license.

2012: Fry, now bearded, finally finds Leelu after six long years of searching. She seems delighted to see him. The future: Hermes, his head still on backwards, arrives at the wedding, and wins his wife back from Barbados Slim. Leela, trying to sign the marriage license, accidentally pokes Hermes in the eye with the empty pen. He stumbles back, causing a chain reaction of unlikely events that result in the death of his doomed, paradoxical body. His head is saved, but it'll still be another week before his original body is ready. His wife leaves him for Slim again. Lars has a pen of his own, but still calls off the wedding, not wanting his special day to be tainted by misfortune and tragedy. Fry smirks in triumph, and then is saddened when he realizes how heartbroken Leela is.