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Episode Recap: Bender's Big Score Part 4

The humans fight back against the aliens, and Lars' secret is revealed. 


The scamming aliens trick President Nixon into giving up the Earth entirely. It will now be named New Scamadonia. All humans must evacuate. The Planet Express crew leaves for Neptune, which is cold and infested with Yeti. Leela, still heartbroken over being left at the altar by Lars (and angry at life in general), fights them off. 2012: Leelu, now in a glass tank on the whaling ship, is unhappy. Fry can't cheer her up.

The future: Robot Santa, who lives on Neptune, was also scammed by the aliens. Leela forces him to join them in finally fighting back. They use Robot Santa's workshop to create a rag-tag fleet of spaceships to do battle with the aliens' newly-built solid-gold Death Stars. Unfortunately President Nixon puts Commander Zapp Brannigan in charge of the fleet. As Zapp's attack fails, Leela takes command. They're still outgunned, but Hermes has the Professor wire his brain to the battle computer. Hermes leads the fleet to victory, winning his wife back from Barbados Slim in the process. The aliens have one last trick up their sleeve: the Professor's doomsday device (that Bender stole for them). They give the humans thirty seconds to decide between surrender or destruction. It turns out that Bender pulled a switcheroo, and he has the real doomsday device in his chest cavity. He loads it into a torpedo, and fires it at the aliens, destroying them.

New Year's Eve, 3008: As Bender is celebrated as a hero, Lars finally reattaches Hermes' head to his original body. When he sees that Leela is there, he runs away, and Leela begins to cry. Lars is the only man she'll ever love. Fry asks her to meet him in the cryogenics lab in five minutes; it's important. 2012: Fry realizes that Leelu has mated and bonded with a male narwal. He realizes he needs to set her free to make her happy, and sadly releases her back into the ocean.

3008: Leela arrives at the cryogenics lab to find Lars there. Fry is selflessly trying to get them back together. Lars sighs, and says that he and Leela can't be married… and that Fry should know the truth. Before he can continue one of the aliens arrives (he survived the doomsday device thanks to his doom-proof vest), and demands the time code... from Lars. He can smell the code on Lars, and threatens to kill Leela. Lars says he'll give them the code… and then unfreezes doomed paradoxical Bender, the one Fry froze back in the 21st century as he was about to self-destruct. Lars holds down Bender and the alien until Bender explodes. On Lars' butt, the time-code tattoo is found.

2012: Fry gets home from the North Pole. Bender assaults his building with a fireball to kill him, as we saw before. The smoke from the weapon burns off Fry's hair, and alters his voice. He realizes he now looks and sounds just like Lars… he is Lars, and always was! He gets out of the building just before it explodes (Bender didn't kill him after all), and goes to the cryogenic lab, where he freezes himself. 3002: Fry — as Lars — wakes up, and gets himself a job at the head museum.

3008: At Lars' funeral, Lars, via a video will, explains the whole thing. It wasn't until Hermes' body was destroyed at the wedding that Lars realized that as a time-paradox duplicate, he was doomed. That's why he called off the wedding; he didn't want to put Leela through that pain. Fry comforts Leela, who kisses him on the cheek. The Professor exclaims that this ties everything up in a nice, paradox-free bow. Nibbler reminds them that somebody needs to go back and put the time code on Fry's ass in the first place. Bender volunteers. Moments later he emerges from the trapdoor. He says he met all these really cool guys with treasure down in the cavern, and invited them all to stick around instead of emerging when they were logically supposed to. Legions of Benders begin emerging with the stolen treasure, which was now never given to the aliens. Nibbler, panicking, cries, "Everyone out of the universe, quick!" and then swallows himself and disappears just as the universe begins to shred to pieces.