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Episode Recap: Bender's Game: Part 2

When doctors can’t get through to Bender, they order a robotomy; and Farnsworth, Leela, and Fry infiltrate Mom’s dark-matter mine. 


At the Hal Institute of Criminally Insane Robots, a robot doctor interviews and tries to diagnose Bender while the others discuss his sad decent into madness. Farnsworth hushes the group so he can watch Mom on the news, and hear the latest on the dark-matter shortage. Meanwhile, off camera, the matronly Mom slips back into her fit old self. She explains to her surprised son Walt that there is no dark-matter shortage; she’s just making it up to make more money. At the same time, Farnsworth finally explains his interest in the shortage. It seems that long ago, before dark-matter fuel even existed, Farnsworth worked for Mom in her laboratory. He also fell pretty hard for her charming ways.

One day, while Farnsworth was smashing the then-worthless dark matter into a machine to try and produce a stronger harpsichord wax, a chemical reaction occurred. The dark matter was transformed into an energized, crystalline form in an instant, making Mom and himself rich, rich, rich! Soon afterwards, he realized that he had been played by Mom and her ex-husband Wernstrom, and was promptly fired on the spot. The good news is that he possesses the anti-crystal to the crystal, which when joined would cause their wave functions to collapse, rendering all dark matter useless as fuel. This would free the society of dependence on Mom. Unfortunately Farnsworth can’t remember what he did with the crystal.

Later Farnsworth invents a way to detect the anti-crystal. When he pushes a certain button, the crystal will emit a high-frequency stink. If they can smell it, they can find it. They just need to find it before Mom. After he pushes the button, a giant map in Mom’s place sounds an alarm, and points to the anti-crystals location: somewhere in the Planet Express! She immediately sends Larry, Walt, and Igner to go steal the anti-crystal back from Farnsworth. When her three sons show up disguised as owl exterminators, Farnsworth beats them at their own game, and stumbles upon the anti-crystal in the process.

Back at the Hal Institute for Criminally Insane Robots, the robot doctor becomes exasperated with Bender, and orders him to have a robotomy. Farnsworth, Leela, and Fry infiltrate the dark-matter mine. After narrowly escaping Mom’s killbots, they discover that the dark-matter mine isn’t a mine at all. It’s actually a crap farm filled with caged Nibblonians who are being held captive as their fecal matter is collected.