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Episode Recap: Bender's Game: Part 3

While Bender is getting a robotomy, Farnsworth, Leela, and Fry wind up with Bender in his imaginary world of Dungeons and Dragons. 


While in Mom’s dark-matter mine/farm, they discover Nibbler is being held captive along with the other Nibblonians. He tells them about how Mom discovered that Nibblonians create dark matter from their fecal material. Mom had all of them locked up, and she’s been farming them ever since. Nibbler was lucky enough to escape being captured until the night before: Larry, Inger, and Walt kidnapped him while trying to retrieve the anti-crystal.

Later the three of them open an access door above Mom’s office. As they listen to her rant and rave about capturing them, a slipper drops, causing Mom to look up and spot them. Suddenly all hell breaks loose, and they begin fighting Mom and her boys. Farnsworth swallows the anti-crystal to prevent anyone taking it from him, and his stomach glows purple. Bender is about to get a robotomy when a purple glow begins illuminating from his body as well. Before he can say, “Cornwood,” he disappears. That same purple ray begins emanating across Mom’s office.

Suddenly the world turns upside down and the ground opens up, sucking everyone into Bender’s imaginary world of Dungeons and Dragons. Bender ? as his alter ego Titanius Inglesmith ? rides up to greet Fry, who pockets the anti-crystal, and Leela, who has been transformed into a centaur. Once again Mom’s three sons try to capture them, but Bender manages to make them disappear with the help of the anti-crystal and a scroll. Then they go and visit Farnsworth, who is known as the great wizard Grayfarn. He explains to them that the anti-crystal is a very powerful object in both worlds, and must be destroyed.

He tells them that they must infiltrate the geysers of Gygax, the impenetrable stronghold of Momon. Just like in Lord of the Rings, the group makes their way to the geysers, crossing rickety bridges and being carried by giant trees. When they spot Momon’s guards at the pass, they realize that their only hope is now the cave of hopelessness. When they finally arrive there they wind up fighting their way through dozens of morks, and killing Zoidberg the giant centipede. Then a giant, worm-like monster with a mouthful of revolving teeth called the Tunneling Horror appears.