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Episode Recap: Bender's Game: Part 4

When Farnsworth and the gang reach Momon’s Lair, an all-out battle ensues over the anti-crystal, but in the end it’s love that eventually conquers evil. 


While making their way through the Cave of Hopelessness, Leela, Fry, Farnsworth, Amy, and Bender encounter the dreaded Tunneling Horror, a giant worm with sharp revolving teeth. The Tunneling Horror grabs Bender. When he cries for Leela to help him, she suddenly decides that she’s had enough killing for one day. She throws down her sword, and walks away to find the centaurs and learn their way of peace. This leaves Fry to figure something out.

Fry throws the anti-crystal at it, known now as the Die of Power, and it lands on the number 3. Fry begins growing larger, his clothes ripping, and finally his head hits the roof of the cave. Now bigger than the Tunneling Horror, he picks it up with ease. Fry begins pounding on it until, deflated, it releases Bender and slinks away. Feeling the power of the anti-crystal, Fry suddenly won’t allow anyone else touch it. Farnsworth reminds him that they must melt it in the super-bombastic bubbling plastic from whence it came in order to defeat the great Momon.

As they get closer, they realize that the path has been blocked by Momon’s Army of Evil. They must head to Wipe Castle in the morning to raise their own army. Momon can see their plans through the anti-crystal, and sends her army to Wipe Castle to defeat them. During the night, while everyone is sleeping, Fry remains awake, obsessed with the glory of the die of power. He purchases a pocketknife for protection, and begins hacking at Bender’s sleeping bag. Fortunately Bender is in bed with Amy.

Startled, the crew awakens to Fry’s attack. They realize that his weakness is no match for the die’s strength. Fry hisses at his friends, and then flees into the darkness. The next morning Farnsworth, Leela, Bender, and Amy arrive at Wipe Castle only to realize that the king went mad and sent the army away, never to return. Meanwhile, Momon’s giant monster army is waiting for them outside the castle walls. They begin attacking it with all of their might.

Zoidberg has caught up with Fry, who is balancing between sanity and insanity. They climb the stairs to Momon’s Lair, and arrive at the river of boiling plastic. As Fry stands there, his alter ego takes over, and he refuses to throw it in. Zoidberg has finally had enough, and jumps on Fry’s back, causing him to toss the anti-crystal into the air. Both Momon and Fry transform into dragons, and engage in a heated battle. Suddenly Farnsworth notices far off in the geysers that Fry is fighting for his life. The group manages to escape the monster army, and they head over to help Fry. Leela decides that she’s going to help her friends as well, regardless of her new-found peaceful feelings, and brings her army of centaurs with her.

Once everyone is there the battle continues, and Farnsworth realizes that Igner is his son. Momon manages to get the anti-crystal into her grasp. All at once the ground below begins to shake and disintegrate, taking everyone back to Mom’s office, with everyone looking like their old selves again. With the anti-crystal about ready to be extracted from his belly, Farnsworth notices that Igner has eaten the other crystal. He asks if he can hug his boy first. When he does, the collision of the two crystals causes Mom’s dark-matter fuel to turn to dust, thus defeating her after all.