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Episode Recap: Into the Wild Green Yonder Pt2

Leela joins the eco-feminists to stop Leo Wong from building a galactic mini-golf course; and Fry learns more about his newfound ability, and is charged with saving the universe. 


In the New Mars Vegas desert, Hermes and Zoidberg prepare to search for Bender when the robot and Fanny emerge from their shallow “grave.” Bender tells a relieved Fry that shooting him full of holes was a warning from the robot mafia. Fanny asks if she’ll see him later; he’s doubtful. At the Wongminster Miniature Golf Club, Fry and Leo play golf with Leela and Amy despite the club’s “no women” policy. Leela is offended by the “Woman” badge she is forced to wear. Amy admits that women don’t have the focus to play miniature golf at a professional level, but she consistently has the best scores of the day. Leela expresses concern about the golf course’s impact on the environment. Leo shows them his newest project in the works: the universe’s largest miniature-golf course, which spans twelve percent of the Milky Way. Leela is concerned that the project will destroy innocent life forms but Leo has hired Professor Farnsworth to conduct an environmental study.

On board the Planet Express ship, Professor Farnsworth, Leela, Fry, and Bender scan for signs of life on the planets. They spot a rapidly evolving life form, but Farnsworth says it doesn’t prove anything. Leela is shocked to learn of a plan to implode a beautiful violet dwarf-star in order to create a black eighteenth hole (which will function as a ball-return). Despite her objections, Farnsworth approves the area for demolition. As Leo plays a round of mini-golf with President Richard Nixon’s head and Vice-President Agnew’s body, their game is disrupted by a return of the Greeniorita Eco Feminist Collective, lead by Frieda and now with Leela by her side. During the protest Leela accidentally runs over Agnew’s body with a golf cart, killing him. The women flee from the Secret Service agents. Hiding out in the Eco-Feminist Reading Room, Leela convinces the others that they need to take their fight to Leo Wong. Flying in their pink Volkswagen bus-ship, they sabotage one of Leo’s maintenance machines by pouring sugar in the gas tank and putting a potato in the tail pipe. Later Leela sneaks back to Planet Express, and says goodbye to Fry. She says she’ll miss him, but she must try and save the violet dwarf-star. He understands. Fry walks down the street, dejected. He runs into Hutch, who says he’s in town on top-secret business. He suggests Fry remove his tinfoil helmet so they can communicate using their minds; Fry complies. Hutch hits Fry on the head with a bottle, and drags his unconscious body to a dumpster. A yellow light glows from inside. Hutch dumps Fry’s body into the dumpster before climbing in after him.

Fry wakes in an underground room surrounded by homeless people in tinfoil hats. Hutch says they are in the Great Hall of the Ancient Legion of Mad Fellows. Fry is introduced to the group’s leader: a hippy called the Grand Curator. He says their group has monitored the universe’s life energy for eons. For reasons unknown, the universe’s green chi has been receding, but they recently sensed resurgence. The Grand Curator says that the green chi has been spotted near the violet dwarf-star; he charges Fry with protecting the star that will usher in a new green era. Fry wonders, why him? Hutch explains that Fry has no delta brainwave, so their enemies (the Dark Ones) can’t read his thoughts. He’s excited to tell Leela they are working for the same cause. The Grand Curator warns him against telling anyone the truth, lest their enemies learn of the plan; he tells Fry to get a job with Leo Wong’s company, and prevent the destruction of the dwarf star from the inside. Using his mind-reading abilities, Fry gets hired.

Meanwhile Leela, Frieda, and the eco-feminists continue their assault on Wong’s golf course; their notoriety grows. Wong asks Nixon for help. Nixon calls for Zapp Brannigan. Zapp reports that he has been unable to identify or locate any of the feministas thus far, but he’s found a patriot willing to lead him to them: Bender.

To Be Continued…