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Episode Recap: Into the Wild Green Yonder Pt3

Fry goes undercover working for Wong, but can’t tell Leela he is really on her side; Zapp, Kiff, and Bender try to capture the feministas; and Fry learns about the Dark Ones and the Encyclopods. 


In exchange for a cash payout Bender offers to help Zapp Brannigan, President Nixon, and Leo Wong apprehend Leela and her band of eco-feminists. Bender says he needs permission to set a wiretap. Nixon agrees. Bender parachutes down to an asteroid where Fry works as a security guard for Leo. He asks to borrow Fry’s cell phone. Fry obliges. Leo and Amy arrive. She can’t believe Fry is working for her father and against Leela. Father and daughter begin to argue. In typical Leo Wong fashion, he hurts Amy’s feelings; she storms off. Bender returns, and hands an oblivious Fry his strangely modified cell phone.

That night Fry worries that Amy will tell Leela he’s working for Wong, causing Leela to hate him. Fry spots Frieda on the golf course nailing up protest signs. He asks her to tell Leela that her “sweet goofbag” is working to protect the dwarf star too. Frieda agrees to relay the message. At Planet Express things look grim since the departure of the entire delivery crew. Leo calls. He says he’s about to blow up the dwarf star, and hires Farnsworth, Hermes, and Zoidberg to deliver a billion-mile electric security fence to keep out protestors. The Professor agrees; with the skill of a typical senior citizen, he recklessly pilots the ship towards their destination. They see the feministas’ pink Volkswagen bus-ship heading towards them. Leela, Amy, and Hermes’ wife LaBarbara board the Planet Express ship, and overpower the crew. They fly in the now-pink Planet Express ship, and arrive at the Wong Ranch. There they trap Leo and Inez with the electric fence.

In the Honey Bun Hideout, Frieda works on signs and rhyming chants. As she remembers the message from Fry, the unseen Dark One reads her thoughts. When she can’t provide Fry’s name, the Dark One kills her. Hutch finds Fry at the golf course; once again he knocks Fry unconscious. Fry wakes in an abandoned cavern with the Grand Curator and members of the Legion of Madfellows. The Grand Curator tells Fry that he must prevent the destruction of the dwarf star. He explains that long ago, two alien races fought for evolutionary survival. One race evolved into the killing machines known as Dark Ones; the other aliens, who were devoted to protecting life, were known as the Encyclopods. He adds that the Encyclopods’ DNA incorporates the DNA of all living creatures, enabling them to recreate any extinct species.

Meanwhile, in the Honey Bun Hideout, the captured male crew of the Planet Express ship is forced to go-go dance in a pink birdcage. Amy tells Leela about Fry’s betrayal; she can’t believe it. Leela finds Frieda’s dead body; they speculate on who killed her. Leela decides to call Fry, and get the truth. Back in the abandoned cavern, the Grand Curator continues. He says when the green chi receded, the Encyclopods died off, allowing the Dark Ones to flourish and grow even stronger. He adds that they’ve found a long-lost Encyclopod egg; with the recent resurgence of the green chi, the dormant egg has become active again. The Grand Curator says the egg is located somewhere in the violet dwarf-star system. Fry must protect it from the Dark Ones. Fry’s phone rings: it’s Leela. He says they need to talk, but adds that he can’t explain anything. She agrees to meet; they arrange a time and place. Bender, Zapp, and Kiff are eavesdropping on the conversation.

At the meeting place Fry and Leela are interrupted by Zapp’s arrival in the Nimbus. The pink Planet Express ship shows up, and Leela and Fry escape on board. Amy pilots their ship through her father’s huge mini-golf course, trying to lose the military vessel. Using her expertise as a miniature golfer, Amy is able to outmaneuver the Nimbus and escape. Zapp decides to give up the chase, and sets a course for a repair facility. Having evaded capture, the Planet Express ship gets sucked into a wormhole… and comes out the other side directly in front of the newly repaired Nimbus. Zapp spots them, and resumes the pursuit. The Planet Express ship runs out of fuel; Zapp and Kiff prepare to board, but are captured by the feministas, who are in turn captured by Bender and his mystery accomplice.

To Be Continued…