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Episode Recap: Into the Wild Green Yonder Pt4

Leela, Amy, and the Feministas stand trial. 


Leela, Amy, and the rest of the Feministas stand trial for attempting to save the rare Violet Star and its precious ecosystem. Fry (who gained Wong’s confidence and infiltrated his organization) is forced at the behest of the grand Curator to testify against them in Earth’s Supreme Court. Leela and Amy stand before Chief Justice Snoop Dogg and the other 8 justices; including Paula Abdul and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. They are charged with murder, mayhem, vandalism, kidnapping, and resisting arrest. Bender (who’s been paid off) testifies against the women, while Fry is forced to admit that he was kidnapped by the Feministas. Justice Dogg announces that they have a verdict up in the high court. Though 5 justices vote for acquittal, it’s strictly along gender lines. Since the female justice’s votes only count for half, they are found guilty, and are sentenced to fifty years in prison.

With the Feministas out of the picture, Wong informs Fry that they will be destroying the Violet Star the next day. Fry pleads with the Grand Curator for guidance on how to stop Wong. He is told he must also stop the Dark One. Fry is given the Omega Device, which when activated emits a localized blast of delta-band noise to momentarily disable the Dark One. They remind him that the Dark One could look like anyone or anything, but Fry has a plan. Of course, he can’t tell the Grand Curator or the Madfellows, because the Dark One will read their minds. As luck would have it, Fry’s mind can’t be read. Bender surprises Leela and the Feministas by breaking them out of jail. What can he say: he’s one devious bastard! With only hours until the destruction of the Violet Star, will Leela and Fry be able to stop Wong, or will the Violet Star become just another giant black hole?