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Episode Recap: In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela

Leela and Zapp Brannigan find themselves stranded on an Eden-like planet. 


Zapp dreams of being the hero of an old, Flash Gordon-style sci-fi serial. Kif wakes him for an emergency summons from President Nixon, who informs him that a Death Sphere has been destroying planets ⎯ erasing them with some sort of blackout ray ⎯ and its on course for Earth. They're defenseless, like fish in a barrel. Zapp's strategy: hide in a barrel, like the wily fish. Nixon sighs; time to get the Professor's help. He's created a tiny, one-man stealth fighter which can turn invisible so the pilot can find the Death Sphere's one vulnerable opening (all Death Spheres have one vulnerable opening). Zapp won't volunteer... until Leela volunteers. She'll have to sit in his lap… ugh. Fry gives Leela some trail mix for the trip. The stealth fighter turns invisible... though its occupants remain visible. They arrive at the Death Sphere, and find that it's marked with gigantic letters: V-GINY. Nobody back on Earth recognizes the call letters. Leela pilots into the port to find the blackout ray firing and blacking out a vast array of viewscreens. "Holy crap," exclaims Leela... and the blackout ray begins to target her. She flees, just barely getting out in time, but the ship is out of control.

Zapp and Leela awaken on a verdant, uncharted planet where they've crash-landed. Leela's pinned under a tree, and Zapp can't move it. Leela's thirsty, and her spacesuit is making her sweat like crazy. Zapp suggests they disrobe. Leela reluctantly agrees. Zapp gives her some sap-covered sticky leaves she can use to cover her "nudery," and is uncommonly well-behaved. He goes off to forage for food. Back on Earth, Amy thinks it's time to indulge in some end-of-the-world debauchery: Who's up for an orgy? The Professor interrupts: he's identified the Death Sphere. V-GINY was created when two 20th-century satellites collided: the top-secret military "USAF Flying Destiny," and the top-secret FCC satellite the "V-CHIP" (meant to censor offensive television programs. They became a single satellite with terrible weaponry hell-bent on destroying indecent planets). It’s already destroyed the nude-beach planet and Poopiter. Earth's sole hope is to persuade the people of Earth to abandon their slutty ways, so... orgy's off. They try to reform the people of Earth simply by wearing robes, and declaring that people should repent because the end of the world is nigh. They make precious little progress.

Zapp provides Leela with some fruit and nutberries he found high in the trees. There’s no sign of intelligent life, and the ship has been completely destroyed. At least the planet is beautiful... a veritable Garden of Eden. Leela sees an apple on a nearby tree.... and a snake who says hello. Zapp says it's just a hallucination brought on by dehydration. The snake tries to tempt Leela into sleeping with Zapp. Zapp arrives with wood to build a shelter, and volunteers to brave the wreckage to get the telescope to try to get a look at Earth.

The Planet Express crew arrives on Lo'Hi Island in the Pacific to try out the Professor's new, long-shot plan. They're on Earth's last unspoiled acre to show that there's still purity in the world. They hook a video camera to a satellite dish, and begin transmitting a "purity chant." Bender starts having sex with the dish, plugging and unplugging the input phono jack. This attracts V-GINY's attention. Leela sees V-GINY demolish Earth through the telescope. She and Zapp are the last two humans alive. Maybe she and Zapp were meant to build a new world here, as a new Adam and Eve. An apple falls on Leela's head. She eats it, and invites Zapp to partake of her forbidden fruit. They begin making out. She takes one more bite. Mmm, that's better. Those nutberries were so salty that Leela couldn't think straight.

Suddenly, Leela realizes that the nutberries were actually the trail mix Fry gave her. Zapp admits it. She also realizes that for somebody dehydrated, he's been doing an awful lot of urinating. Zapp admits there's plenty of water... mineral water from the ship's minibar. Oh, and there was plenty of food, too… and Zapp woke up first and dragged the tree onto her, which he could have moved at any time… and the ship isn't destroyed either. They could go back to Earth... if it still existed. As she cries that everyone she knows is dead, Fry arrives. It turns out they've been on Earth the whole time, on Lo-Hi Island. What she saw through the telescope was a simulation Zapp rigged up with the ship's holographic targeting projector. It was all a scheme to get Leela to sleep with him. Suddenly, V-GINY arrives, and says that seeing them frolic in this unspoiled garden gives hope that this world may yet be redeemed. Specifically, he's referring to "Adam" and "Eve"... and commands them to consummate their union, or he will destroy Earth. Leela agrees to take one for the team. Zapp can't perform; the giant guns are making him feel inadequate. Leela, exasperated and wanting to get home and do laundry, pushes him down and begins having sex with him. "For god's sake," cries Fry, "censor it! Censor it!" "APPROVED FOR ALL AUDIENCES!" bellows V-GINY. Fry screams in horror at the sight as V-GINY leaves Earth, snickering.