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Episode Recap: Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences

After a bungled Earth invasion, alien leader Lrrr faces a midlife crisis. 


On Omicron Persei 8, Ndnd chides Lrrr for sleeping on the couch all day instead of conquering other planets. Meanwhile, on Earth, nobody is much impressed by Fry's comic book… in which "Delivery Boy Man" rescues Leela from an evil alien with a huge array of superpowers. Zoidberg, however, likes the ads; including one for Professor Farnsworth's "disintegrator ray," which is really just a cheap toy. It doesn't disintegrate anything; it's just a common teleporter. To try to get some appreciation, Fry takes his comic to a convention, where the creators of the animated show “Futurella” are holding a panel. Matt Groening shoots Bender with a laser when he demands to know when they're going to make a second The Simpsons Movie. Fry shows his comic to legendary cartoonist Sergio Aragonés, but Aragonés hates it. The costume contest is interrupted by Lrrr's invasion fleet, but the crowd assumes he's just part of the contest, and he's quickly pushed aside for the next contestant. He sadly goes home with only J.J. Abrams' face to show for his troubles. Ndnd kicks him out, and he arrives at Planet Express, asking Leela to crash on her couch.

The next day, the Professor tells Lrrr he's just going through a mid-life crisis. Bender says it's his excuse to be a jerk, and do whatever he wants. Leela advises him to re-invest in his relationship with Ndnd. Lrrr takes Bender's advice, buying a new rocket sportscar, a velour suit, and getting horn extensions to appear more virile. They go to a nightclub, where Lrrr meets a woman of his species named Grrrl. He comes back to Planet Express, happy he's got a date. Leela thinks it's a mistake. Fry says he's fixed his comic book. The hero is now more relatable because he has no powers. In the comic, Leela is killed and the story ends with the hero sobbing. "Why should I care about the hero if all he does is cry?" asks Leela. Later, Lrrr gets hot and heavy with Grrrl... who unzips her skin to reveal she's a human girl. She's a cross-species dresser, and she's incredibly turned on when she finds out that Lrrr is genuinely an Omicronian. Lrrr is horrified. The next day he cries to Leela that Ndnd will never take him back now. She tells him she just wants to feel like he's listening to her nagging. Is there anything she's been riding his ass about? Conquering planets. Leela says they don't want a war of the worlds, but Fry says that's just what they do need. He calls Orson Welles, who agrees to re-create his broadcast of The War of the Worlds in order to impress Ndnd. They stage a fake invasion, and beam it to Omricron Persei 8. Ndnd is indeed impressed, and calls Lrrr, saying she'll take him back. The broadcast is intercepted by Zapp Brannigan, who tells Kif they have to do something. He lands in front of Lrrr, his army at the ready... and surrenders.

Lrrr is about to come clean about the hoax, at Leela's urging, but when Ndnd arrives with an Omicronian fleet he keeps up the pretense, and ends up genuinely in charge of Earth. He tells Leela to give him a little time, but in the meanwhile, humanity is enslaved. The sight of Leela forced to work as a miner nearly inspires him to confess, but when Ndnd refers to the invasion as the spark that reignited their marriage, he just can't do it. Still, Ndnd is suspicious. The next day Lrrr cries to Leela that he just can't tell her the truth. Leela orders him to do what she says, and do it now... just as Ndnd arrives to discover another woman ordering Lrrr around. He finally admits the invasion was a fake, and he lied to her. Grrrl shows up, in costume, disintegrator in hand, willing to fight for him. Ndnd grabs her gun, and blasts her. The one she's really jealous of, though, is Leela, who is nagging and pushing Lrrr around: That's Ndnd's job! She demands they settle this through the ancient ritual of Urrrmrrrmrrrfrrrmrrr or Consequences. Lrrr must choose between Lrrr and Leela... by shooting the one he rejects. Lrrr is torn. Fry wonders what Delivery Boy Man would do. Lrrr doesn’t want to shoot anybody, but Ndnd manages to goad him into shooting Leela. Fry leaps in front of the gun, and is disintegrated. As Leela sobs, Ndnd and Lrrr reconcile.

As Lrrr and Ndnd depart, Grrrl runs in ⎯ not disintegrated after all ⎯ sobbing for Lrrr to come back… and then quickly turning her romantic attention to Zoidberg, who instantly agrees to marry her. Wait, what happened? The gun was actually one of the Professor's toy teleporters. Which means that Fry's okay. He's found back at Planet Express, where he's finally figured out exactly how to end his comic book. Delivery Boy Man jumps in front of the alien's death ray, but too soon, before the alien has fired. A meteor crashes through the window, and kills the alien. "Oh, Delivery Boy Man," cries comic-Leela: "you saved me by random chance!" "Don’t thank random chance," says the hero: "Thank my meteor wishing power. With your lips." In the real world, Leela kisses Fry on the cheek. "Good ending," she says: "Not great."