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Episode Recap: Neutopia

The crew members encounter a bizarre alien with the power to change their sexual characteristics. 


Planet Express is about to be foreclosed upon unless they can pay the $11-million mortgage. They can't put out a girly calendar with only two female employees (three once they hire Hermes' wife, LaBarbara), so they become a commercial airline. The women are forced to work as stewardesses despite the fact that Leela is the only professional pilot on staff. Fry falls asleep at the wheel, and the plane crashes on an apparently lifeless mineral world near Mercury. Their bickering over whether their new society should be run by men or women is interrupted by a powerful, godlike mineral creature, who subjects them to tests to try and determine which gender is superior. When they won't work together, the creature decides to teach them a lesson by neutering them, completely removing their genders. Their "neutopia" is a peaceful one... but at what cost?