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Geeks Who Drink is so gosh darn fun to watch that we're bringing YOU in on the action. Look for new quizzes over yonder at the Geeks Who Drink site every Thursday at 11:30pm EST AFTER the broadcast of Geeks Who Drink!

Here's an example of all the fun you'll have:

In Superman, stagehands had to write the script on the diaper of a baby after which actor refused to learn his lines?

Marlon Brando

Missing media item.

Christopher Reeve

Gene Hackamn

Ned Beatty


If you answered, Marlon Brando then you are correct fellow geek! Brando got paid $3.7 million for 12 days of work, 10 minutes of screen time, and apparently zero minutes of rehearsal.

Fun right? Finish the quiz, here!