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Episode Recap: Altoona Tantrum


Right after Jason and Grant unclog a drain, they get a call from case manager Brian Harnois: He's fielded a report of an apparent poltergeist playing with and throwing a little girl's toys.

The job is many miles away, in Altoona, Pa., and Jason and Grant have to clear the trip with their wives and get time off from Roto-Rooter. Grant's wife Reanna is upset but understands. Jason's wife Kris is getting fed up with this whole ghost-hunting thing.

In Altoona, the team sets up in the girl's room and in the attic. Donna interviews Brenda, the girl's mother, who asks the team to bless the house whether it's haunted or not; Carl obliges.

The team analyzes its data. While the camera found nothing, the digital recorders picked up electronic voice phenomena which, after being electronically processed, appears to be the voices of deceased children. One says, "They don't want us." Another says, "Can I come in?"

Brenda's home seems to have strong paranormal activity. She's thankful for the validation. For the team, the hard work and the long drive have paid off.