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Episode Recap: Eastern State Penitentiary


The team investigates Eastern State Penitentiary, an historic landmark where ghostly apparitions have been reported.

 While in cellblock 4, Ghost Hunters cameraman Dave Hobbes gets spooked by a "black shadow" and runs out with Brian Harnois, whom Jason and Grant later accuse of being "non-professional".

Back at TAPS headquarters, footage from cellblock 12 shows a moving shape that corresponds to stories of a ghost-prisoner in the corridor. This convinces Jason and Grant to return for two nights, to see whether they can disprove the evidence before putting TAPS' reputation on the line.

During the return investigation, Brian Bell is caught leaving his post at the monitor. Jason tells Grant to deal with him. Tensions run high.

Using a thermal-imaging camera, Jason and Grant disprove the cameraman's "shadow" as a reflection. But in cellblock 12, for the first time in a long time, the two comrades experience the same sensations and see the same moving shapes while together.

Their inability to replicate the walking shape through physical means convinces Jason that the prison is haunted. He believes skeptics will find a way to disprove this, so he and Grant will put the footage on the TAPS Web site so the world can decide.