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Episode Recap: Fortuna and Topton


At the Fortuna apartment building in Philadelphia, Pa., a residence for college students, occupants have seen a blonde woman at the window of the attic-floor apartment, knocking on the glass and saying, "Help me." Residents have also heard singing and mysterious voices.

Jason and Grant quickly disprove the phenomena: The acoustics of the house are such that anyone talking or singing on the roof, where many parties take place, can be heard downstairs. The mysterious woman turns out to be just a blonde girlfriend of someone next door who could have gone out on the roof for a smoke and been locked out- a routine occurrence, according to the neighbors. The finding: no ghosts here.

The team's next stop is the Topton House pub, established in 1859, where the spirit of a little girl trips people in the restaurant and has allegedly moved a glass of soda. In addition, owner Francine's oldest daughter claims to have smelled roses in the cellar and heard murmuring. A hole in the basement, which leads out to the pub's garden, explains the rose fragrance. Ultimately, after all the footage and EVPs are reviewed, no sign of paranormal activity is uncovered.

Back at TAPS headquarters, Jason shows soundman Frank DeAngelis the footage of himself being pulled to the floor by an unseen force in the New Bedford (Mass.) Armory (from the previous episode). Though freaked out by the recording, DeAngelis does say that he now has some sense of closure about the incident.