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Episode Recap: New Boston Inn


Investigator Mike Sinclair, the founder of O.R.I.O.N. Paranormal and a TAPS family member, has called in TAPS to co-investigate the New Boston Inn, built in 1737, in the Berkshires.

The tour includes the ballroom where, in 1805, a woman named Harriett was shot and killed on her wedding day by a former boyfriend. Mike took a picture depicting a shape on the wall that he believes may be Harriet's head. He also got extreme EMF readings at he same time he took the picture and recorded heavy orb activity, as well.

Andy Andrews and Grant disprove the orbs as bits of blown insulation from the attic. Exposed electrical wiring near the ceiling explains the high EMF readings. TAPS investigator Amy Andrews, a photography expert, discounts Mike's "head of Harriet" as most probably dust or a reflection.

But Grant can't explain how, after noting the position of a pen on a desk in a room and locking it up, returned to find the pen had mysteriously moved a couple of inches.

Next stop is the home of Gloria Fritz-Ulbrich and her daughter Genny in Pittsburgh, Pa., where strange things have been occurring for years. Most recently, Gloria saw a ball of light move slowly across a room, hit a metal cabinet lock and burst into sparks. During her pregnancy, Genny felt a burning sensation while sitting on the couch and, when she lifted her shirt, saw scratches on her belly. Gloria is terrified to sleep in her bedroom, where she claims she once saw a green mist.

The Findings: Both Grant's experience at the Inn and Genny and Gloria's stories are striking, but the team finds no hard evidence that either location is haunted.