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Episode Recap: Race Rock Lighthouse


The U.S. Coast Guard has asked TAPS to investigate the Race Rock Lighthouse in Long Island Sound, off the coast of New London, Conn. Built in 1878, the now fully automated lighthouse is reputed to be haunted by the lighthouse keepers who once lived there. Jason and Grant's team, which includes investigators Andy Andrews and Heather Drolet, is escorted there by Coast Guard boat.

Andy follows an EMF reading up the spiral staircase. Heather divines energy with her dowsing rods. An unseen force appears to be moving on the stairs. Grant takes a folding chair and camps out in the lighthouse attic, hoping to catch some EVPs.

Back at TAPS headquarters, Andy and Brian Harnois present their findings to Jason and Grant. The orbs picked up by the infrared cameras can be explained by fog, dust and other natural phenomena.  What can't be explained is what a camera recorded in the attic: Grant gets up and leaves through the only door. Minutes later, his chair abruptly moves on its own.

As hard as it is for Jason to admit it, he and Grant report to U.S. Coast Guard Senior Chief Boatswain's Mate J. Nolda and Boatswain's First Mate Peter Jennings that the lighthouse indeed does appear to be haunted.