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Episode Recap: The Armory


The team investigates a New Bedford, Mass., armory, built in 1903, where people are actually afraid to come to work because of mysterious disturbances there.

In a room where a sergeant had hanged himself, Jason and Grant, using a thermal-imaging camera, see a strange mist pass in front of them. Because it registers on the thermal, it's obviously warm, which is highly unusual.

In an extraordinary turn, Ghost Hunters soundman Frank DeAngelis, up on the armory catwalk, falls backward onto it. "Something just went right through me! I swear to God!" he says, unable to move. His back hurts from the fall. His chest feels like a heavy weight is on it from whatever hit him.

"I got cold," he tells the team as he lays on the floor. "It was somethin' right through- right through the floor it seems - came up and just took me up and snapped my head back." Medical Section Chief Sgt. Joe Rebello of the U.S. National Guard examines him. Medically, Frank is fine. But he is traumatized and crying.

An examination of the video footage shows Frank falling backwards. Amazingly, his sound gear flies up by itself as though something is pushing it up. But Frank's hands are both holding the boom mike.

Jason and Grant agree that this is most probably the most violent paranormal account ever caught on camera.