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Episode Recap: The Converted Church


Steve presents TAPS with a case concerning some friends of his-  a goth couple in upstate New York, living in a converted church. They say they've seen the specter of an elderly man and have heard loud banging sounds in the night. Also, an entryway door seems to open by itself.

The house is decorated with horror-movie posters and a variety of rubber heads and limbs, making for an eerie atmosphere. The plumbing is new, at least. Jason and Grant have the team do EMF and EVP sweeps and set up cameras. Andy later disproves the door opening by itself, showing Jason that when the outside door is shut, this causes the entryway door to click and swing open. Jason explains the noises as wood expanding and contracting in the 19th-century building in response to the vibrations of the church bell ringing.

Back at TAPS headquarters, Steve, Andy and Brian Harnois look over the video footage and discover an orb that is perfectly round and moves with seeming intelligence. But Jason shoots it down as either a bug or just a common electrical orb. The Findings: Although the house is spooky, it isn't haunted.