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Episode Recap: The Negative Entity


The TAPS team goes to Albany, N.Y., to investigate a possible demonic or inhuman entity, a.k.a. a "Negative Entity," at the Johnson residence. Linda Johnson, a "sensitive," claims to have been grabbed by the throat by an unseen force and says she has been hearing voices and seeing ghostly shadows ever since she was a child- more so since her son left for college.

In one of the rooms, Grant hears strange "gasps" behind him. Then he realizes they're coming from the elderly cat lying on the bed; the animal's nose "whistles" while she sleeps.

 Brian Harnois records a dramatic temperature drop in the son's old bedroom. But he realizes later that his digital thermometer was being affected by electrical interference.

The findings: Nothing conclusive, but Jason doesn't disbelieve Linda. He suggests that TAPS member Keith Johnson contact her to explore her situation further.

The next subject is Adam Zubrowski, who lives in the house his grandparents built. He alleges to have been hearing a disembodied voice. Also, a box of shot glasses that were on a dresser in his bedroom mysteriously ended up on his bed in the morning. A heavy oak basement door slammed shut and locked itself, and Adam refuses to go down into the basement alone. Adam fears he's crazy.

The findings: Two unexplainable EVPs are detected; one has a loud hum with what sounds like whispering under it. The other definitely sounds like an eerie voice saying, "I miss Adam." Adam isn't crazy, but his house seems haunted- fortunately, by friendly spirits.