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Episode Recap: 1st Edition Apparition

She’s baaaack. New activity takes TAPS back to Edith Wharton’s home, the site of a 2008 investigation.


Who doesn't love a re-visit to an old investigation site? Tonight, TAPS heads back to The Mount, the estate built in the early 1900s by Pulitzer Prize winning author Edith Wharton.

The last time TAPS was here, Jason, Grant and the team had great experiences seeing shadow figures and capturing solid evidence. Now it seems that the activity is increasing at the estate, and the new manager, Steve Oakes, has asked the guys to come back and check out some of the new claims.

Wharton's home was once a center of fine dining and entertainment for artists and writers of the day. But once she learned her depressed husband had embezzled her trust fund, they both moved out and she divorced him. It is said that her soul still lingers in the home she loved so dearly.

Claims consist of people hearing voices speaking to them on the third floor, near Edith's bedroom; as well as black shadow figures lingering about, strange footsteps and other noises. Many of these claims were substantiated on the last visit, but Steve is hoping the team can figure out exactly who the ghost is and if the staff or visitors to the estate are in any danger.

And Steve gets his wish, as the investigation does not disappoint. KJ and Sam hear a strange whispering noise, as if someone is saying "Hello". Steve and Jason have several experiences hearing footsteps and shuffling noises. Most compelling, however, is the thermal image captured on the third floor. The heat signature appears to be a figure walking toward the guys, but then it disappears. Creepy!

All the evidence indicates that the spirit is a female. Is it Edith Wharton? No one can say for sure.  But Jason and Steve are confident that this is a residual haunt that presents no danger. When it comes to this investigation, it's the second time that's the charm.